My name is Dinah and soon it will be my eleventh birthday. I was born to Alice after she returned from a stint at an institution with an unexplained pregnancy. I am a bastard...but worse than that, I am a defilement. I have lived my life until now pretending to be oblivious to that fact, I have to try hard. Mother tries hard as well.

When Mother was young she had great adventures with rabbits and cats, with kings and queens. The world has changed so much since then I think. AuntIe Lorina has been coming by allot lately, she yells at mother for not raising me right. I think she hears the things the other kids say, about the stories. I don't care though, I just want my mother to be okay. She cries at night, she thinks i can't hear her but I can.

Even still she tells me those tales.

"I once chased a rabbit down the most wonderful hole..."She starts every time.

I hear things at night sometimes, terrible things that make me pull the sheets up tightly around myself. I hope my head is right, but I do so worry sometimes. Shadows invade my dreams and I wake up crying...

Mother says she'll never leave me alone...So everything is okay..