The field and the flowers...

The girl, Dinah and the mouse prince, Dor sit at the edge of the forest looking out over a giant checkered field , a single hill in the distance. Dor wraps Dinah's leg slowly and carefully with a swatch of cloth, shaking his head he says, " We must find someone who can fix this...those claws are a fate worse than death..." Dinah nods silently as he continues. "We have only a few options I'm afraid...both equally bad, the Bandersnatches or the.." He gulps hard. "the Cheshires..."

"Cats, huh? " Dinah mutters with a sigh, then states calmly. "Lets not worry for now...first we have to find our way away from here..."

Dor nods in agreement.

The two stand and slowly walk towards the hill in the distance. The field is flat and hard and scattered with the remnants of some long forgotten war. The earth is strange in it's black and white shades. Bodies of the dead seem to reach out as they pass taunting them with ragged weaponry from behind strange armors. Dor and Dinah exchange glances but remain silent as thunder rumbles in the distance. As they get closer they can make out a massive flowerbed at the foot of the hill.

The flowerbed is filled with great twisting thorns and curled roots that make it hard to walk. The two stop and stare up at the plants towering overhead.

"I think my mother once told me how she met some awfully self absorbed flowers once who had nothing but bad things to say about her droopy petals..." Dinah shakes her head. "This place is so like the place she had visited, but when she had described it...somehow, I thought it was a place of childlike fantasy...but this place has none of the bright happy things she told me of..."

"Perhaps that is because if you are her daughter...this place isn't hers any longer." Dor mutters cocking his head to the side.

Dinah blinks rapidly. "Then it's mine? Am I this way on the inside then?"

Dor shrugs. "Ask the Black Queen, she might be the only one with the answer."

A rather tall purple nightshade shouts out suddenly, "The Black Queen is gone...Long live the new Black Queen!"

"What?" Dor shouts back. " A new Black Queen? When?"

A group of deep red poppies chime in, "Soon she will take the throne...Boorish fleshy's all the news on the vines...silly twits.."

"On the vine?" Dinah repetes curiously.

"It's the best way to recive news travels faster than that on the vine." Dor explains.

"What have you brought into our bed anyways , stupid mouse?" The dogtooth violets growl.

"Moussssse?" The snakeroot hisses.

"Not just any mouse, " The nightshade interrupts. "a prince. "

The flowers bow respectfully with thorny tops or great petals in reds and purples.

" You must see our Lady..." The nightshade declares.