Lillian Rivertone is a high council noble of Oceania that has a pretty face with great friends and the money. Except for the grace of a noble, charms, and smarts. When she gets thrust into the adult world of nobility... What will she do when she discovers secrets that are stained and more lies. The Nobles and the rich society of Dargmonte isn't what it appears to be. Darkness blooms within Dargmonte and evil lingers around...


There across the sea is the land of knowing beauty, and magical wonders. Filled with truth and adventure waits for all those who seek. At day through the mysteries of the forest and crowded streets are the busy bodies and village mothers with crying toddlers going shopping in local markets. From the peak of society are the glamorous with their clinking wine glasses and extravagant party dresses. While the poorest inhale dirt and walk the streets barefoot moaning for food. Though the worse has still yet to come because in the homes of the rich lies betrayal and deception. Hatred spews while secrets that get uncovered are stained. The golden goblet once filled to the rim with the red of night spilled. However, beneath the many jewels and pearls of hate, darkness may prevail with only a glimmer of hope.

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Chapter One

Brrrrrring! Bringg! My alarm clock blared. Urgh not this early in the morning! I tossed and turned in my silky red satin sheets. I looked up at my floral print ceiling through the thin white veil of the roof of my canopy bed. Brriinngg! It continued to ring. I sighed in frustration. Why won't it shut up? I had my hand hover over the annoying clock and it started to melt, hot steam then arose from the clock. Finally there was silence but with the occasional hissing of the clock. I snuggled deeper into my covers and yawned to sleep until I had a queasy feeling in my stomach.

Oh No! "One, two" I counted under my breath. "Three." I soon heard a pop in my ear, and then a shrill voice yelling my name.

"Lillian! ~" Nonononono... I am not here! I tried remembering the spell for making oneself invisible. I mumbled under my breath quietly, "exnale librosis...!" I heard a poof, and then I began feeling lighter, and thinner. I was still under the covers of my bed until I heard the door open. "Oh no! Where'd she go?" the first person exclaimed. "Dunno probably hiding from us again like she does every morning." the second person but with a much deeper voice said. I heard some things moving around, and then cold air finally surfaced me. I opened my eyes to find my blankets pulled away from my body and a grinning Trevor looking down at me. "Gotchu!" he said smirking.

I screamed.

Rachel came forward with her pale face twisted in horror. Trevor's face was the mirror image of Rachel's.

I began shouting at her, "Rachel what did I tell you about bringing Trevor in here!"

"I know I know... But Lillian..." she said pointing a shaking finger at my direction.

"What? But what?" I asked.

"Oh my goodness!" I shouted out. I was shocked to see myself as flat as paper. I looked at my hands, which was also as flat as ever! I stared in shock as I tried bending my paper-thin fingers and they folded down just as I wanted them too.

"You're as flat as paper Lillian!" Rachel said in astonishment.

Trevor chuckled, "She got a flat chest too!"

I glared at him; Rachel smacked his arm "Not now Trevor... Lillian how the hell did you gets like this?"

"I don't know I just cast a spell to make myself invisible... Apparently it didn't work out so well."

"What did you say? Exact words?" Rachel asked.

"Umm... Exnale librosis?" I said.

"What an idiot..." Trevor smirked.

"What? What is it?" I asked. I tried sitting up, my blanket covers was like a paperweight. Me being the paper.

"That's a flattening spell!" Rachel shouted out in frustration.

"I wonder if you'd rip if I tore a piece off of you." Trevor smirked mischievously while staring down at me.

"Oh my goblins! No! Stay away from me!" I yelled out.

I laid my head back down, and tried to calm myself down.

"Don't move Lillian. I'm going to get ." Rachel rushed out of the room to get our dormitory leader. Her strawberry blonde hair fluttered behind her as she walked out.

"So can I try?" Trevor said wiggling his eyebrows.


I swear this kid... I cannot believe I am even friends with him!

"Oh yeah where's Xavier?" I asked.

"Sleeping in. Got tied in with some girl again probably."

Xavier our other friend was a player. Rachel and I always complain about him but then again we were all friends since we were kids. You cannot blame Xavier with his many numbers of step-moms.

I heard Rachel come in and a woman's voice saying, "what she do this time?"

"Hey Ms. Harting!" I shouted out as they walked into my room.

"Wasn't as bad as last time..." said after a once look over.

Ms. Harting closed her eyes and placed a hand on my very paper flat stomach. A smell of rich soil and autumn leaves stirred in the air. I felt myself blow up and when I opened my eyes, I was back to normal.

I finally got up. I hugged Ms. Harting on the spot.

"Thank you. Thank you!"

She smiled and disappeared from my room taking her autumn freshness with her.

"Welcome back!" Trevor said. He ruffled my messy curly brown hair.

I grunted in response and began to get out of bed.

"Lillian get ready okay? We'll meet you in the Dining hall." Rachel said and began to walk out with Trevor.


Once they left, I began changing. I pulled my pink nightgown over my head.

I suddenly heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Samuel. Do you need any help Miss. Lillian?"

Ah, it is my personal butler Samuel. I just got him three years ago when my other butler retired. I requested a one that was closer to my age, I was thirteen at that time and I did not feel exactly comfortable with someone that was nearly as old as my father was if he was still alive. Samuel is nineteen now with great cooking skills, cleaning skills and was capable of dispatching an enemy in a blink of an eye (or so I have heard).

"No Sam I think I could dress myself!"

He came in any way.

He helped me tightening my corset before I slipped into my uniform. He then began brushing my untamed wild curly hair. I looked at him from my mirror he had the blackest hair I ever seen, sharp face features and emotionless dark eyes that from afar they look like a black orbs with no sclera. His broad shoulders and defined chest looked nicely in the butler suit he wore. He had a small silver hoop earring with the Noble family's name inscribed in it on his left ear. All the maids and butlers that work in a noble family always had this earring on their left ear. It glinted in the light as he brushed my hair. After he finished I ushered him away and quickly slipped into the academy's uniform.

For girls it was a pleated plaid blue, red, green skirt with a plain white-collar shirt inside and a blue blazer. I pulled up the dark blue knee-high socks before slipping my feet into my oxford shoes. I fastened my silk red tie while looking at the mirror. The colour ties and the added lace are the only difference among all the students.

Both male and females who were freshmen's wore yellow ties, sophomores wore red ties, juniors are green, and seniors a blue tie. We also had our initials stitched onto our ties. Our way of identification.

The academy was famous in all the regions. Every family wanted to send their child here. A test was always involved, but the noble families never take the exams. Instead, we gave the school with bags of coins and jewels as admission. The students that fill up the school are a few peasants and middleclass (who are probably geniuses), nobles, and the royals. Those who are noble and up wore ties made of silk and our collars and sleeve cuffs lined with lace. Those a class below wore plain ties made of cotton and had a standard school uniform minus the lace.

My silk red tie glinted in the mirror; I was a proud noble who held the name of the Rivertones.

Six noble families represent the High Council. The heads of the families usually named the "Dukes" took apart of the King's High Council. They discussed matters having to do with political and economic matters in Dargmonte. There were other noble families in the Academy, but they had a lower status. High council members were the most respected because they were the nobles closest to the King.

Rachel the noble family known for splendid rose arts they held there kingdom in Floradia. Southeast of the Academy. The Westales of the lovely Rose.

Trevor the noble family known for the power of taming beasts. They held there kingdom in Bestal, which was northwest. The Sions of the Taming of Beasts.

Xavier the noble family known for their lustful air and amazing control of fire. Their kingdom held in Lovet, east of the Academy. The Sulgane of the powerful Fire.

As for my family, we were exceptionally known for our control over water and air. Our kingdom, the farthest away from the Academy was south of here known as Oceania. The Rivertones of the majestic Waters.

I smiled my pearly whites in the mirror and rubbed my finger against my teeth. Squeaky-clean! I had a heart-shaped face, with curly brown hair that fell down to my shoulders, nice full pink lips that I'm fond of, and large violet colour eyes that everybody in the Rivertone family has but my cousin. He was a senior in the Academy this year; he had blue eyes unlike everybody else in our family.

I began making my way out from my chamber and down the long marbled halls. The entire fourth floor belongs to my cousin and I who were the only ones from the Rivertones reside-ting in the Academy.

Each of the High Council noble families had their own floor of the building. The peasants and middle class lived in another building they had normal dorms where they have to share rooms with one other person.

The low-status nobles were as rich, but not entirely as much had their own individual rooms. However, they did not own an entire floor like that of the high council nobles.

As for the royal family, they had an entire building to themselves, and ate separately from everybody else.

I went into the lounge to find my cousin sitting by the window reading a book.

"Good Morning Greg. Are you ready to go?" I asked.

He got up from his chair and stretch out his long arms. He was so much taller than me with curly brown hair a shade darker than mine, and blue eyes like the colour of the sea.

He smiled a half-smile and said "Yes Lillian." I began to walk away until he hugged me from behind; he cuddled into the curve of my neck. He whispered "and good morning to you too."

I shook him off, Samuel who was at the door watching the whole time began to help me into my heavy white cloak.

This was normal between Greg and me he loved giving me hugs for some reason and sometimes acted like a child in front of me. He does romantic things as well like pecks on the cheek and hugs, but I let him because it was too adorable. When we are in public in front of adults he knows well enough to stray away from this adorable play he has with me. We had to live up our name as the Rivertones.

We walked down the golden spiral steps down to the Dining Hall Greg laced his fingers through mine I let him be. It was not acts of love but adoration.

The huge room greeted us with long tables filled with all types of delicacies, the high ceiling above us covered with historical murals and paintings. The chandeliers twinkled with light and tall windows with the heavy red curtains drawn back. Students walked around outside with a few occasional look in from them. The chefs and cooks milled around with their golden carts filled with more food while the students in the room talked to one another in hushed voices just like they would to adults. This was not any group of rowdy teenagers. They ate with grace and had well manners at the table just like that of a King and Queen.

This was...

The great dining hall of the Nobles.

I found my friends at the first table and I pulled away from Greg and began walking toward them.

A maid pulled up a chair for me; I thanked her and sat down.

"Urgh why is Greg always following you? He holds on to you like a possession but wags his tail at you like a dog to its master." Trevor scowled and crossed his arms to his broad chest.

"Hush Trevor! Don't say that about Lillian's cousin." Rachel said.

"I don't know and I don't really care because it's cute." I smiled as I watched Greg who was across the room laugh at something his friend said.

"Hello! Hello!" Xavier shouted out. He sat down as soon as a chair was pull up for him. His wild dark red hair was pointing in different directions as if he had combed through it with his fingers. Even as messy, as his hair was he was still able to pull it off. Xavier was obviously sexy any girl would faint or get a bloody nose just at the sight of him. That was his family trait, they had a lustful aura about them that made others around them get down on their knees and plead for sex. He had wavy red hair that fell down just a little below his chin, pretty emerald green eyes, a smile to die for and a godly body. If you rub up oil on him and had him under the sun, he would look like he was sparkling.

His looks and air does not work so much on me because I am use to it. I was friends with him since we were children but sometimes I would notice the scent of him.

Xavier gets to turn it on and off but he chooses not to. But, with his big ego and flirting skills it would not even matter if he turned it down.

"Good morning ladies!" he smiled and pecked Rachel on the cheek who was sitting beside him. He looked at Trevor and smirked, "and gentlemen." He pulled Trevor's face toward his to try to give him a peck.

"Stop it! Get away!" Trevor growled pulling away from him.

I laughed and looked at Rachel who was also laughing.

I stopped laughing right when I caught Xavier looking at me.

"Oh Lily! You're looking fine as always!" Xavier purred and all of sudden he was sitting beside me. I rolled my eyes and added slab butter to my toast.

"Mmm... You know what I love to eat for breakfast. Women." he whispered hotly in my ear. I suddenly smelled something strong in the air. I took another sniff...smells like passionate hot sex next to a flickering fire... Oh no! I threw a punch at Xavier but he dodged it all too easily. He made a kissy face to me.

Stupid bastard... I got up right when he did and he started to make a run for it. I chased after him...

Let me give him a good pounding to his "precious jewels" so he cannot take a part in his "hobby".

Trevor laughed and clapped his hands together in amusement. Rachel smiled but paid no attention to us as she drank her cup of tea. I heard a few snickers around the room but then heard whispers of "what a disgrace" and "she's a high councils noble? Unbelievable"

"What a noisy girl!"

I continued on chasing Xavier around the room while dodging carts of food and jumped over chairs with a full smile on my face.

I was noble and I carried the name of the Rivertones on my shoulders. I was born in, and grew in the Rivertone household. However, I was not anything like the other nobles in terms of grace, charm and smarts. I also was not one to deceive and gossip like some others. I plan on being who I am and who I want to be and not under the influence of the Nobles.

I ran faster and reached out to touch Xavier's back with the tips of my fingers I smiled "Gotchu!"

I was a proud Rivertone. I am Lillian Rivertone.