Part Two

Even now as I sit looking down from the balcony at the patch of deep green I wonder about what that old woman said. The past week plays through my head over and over again. The morning in the park, the bizarre scene between the bubbling pool and that guy, the auditorium, and now fortune tellers. Everything seems so surreal and perplexing. I can't sleep. Unfamiliar shadows dart about bellow me, questionable sounds trumpet out across the unknown city scape, my heart aches. I lay against cheap padded mats and an overly fluffy pillow trying to let my mind wander among the stars. Bright and early, huh? Tires screech somewhere bellow in the distance and I roll to my side laughing suddenly, after all that I never even got his name. A foolish thought I know. I close my eyes and try to find a noise to drown out the city with, the wind still, the sky quiet. I take a deep breath and just listen. Somewhere under all the noise I find it, a soft hum, a gentle bubbling, strange and hypnotic it eases me to sleep like a lullaby. Just before I am out completely I hear a strange voice but I am unable to make out the words only the sadness.
The morning sun feels warm against my skin as it breaks over the horizon, groaning I go inside and dress, tossing the pillow next to the balcony door. I quickly run a brush through my sleep tangled hair before hurriedly dressing and making my lunch. Sliding my shoes on I rush out the door with a piece of toast hanging from my mouth.
I feel strange stares when I arrive at the auditorium area, hungry stares, the kind that make your skin crawl. A shiver runs down my spine, I am feeling self-conscious, awkward. Ten minutes pass it seems unnaturally slowly. I start to leave and can't, a group of guys block my path staring with eyes that chill to the bone. I feel a tightness in my chest.
The one in front speaks first, his voice harsh and grating. "Well, well what do we have here? A lost little lamb perhaps. Must be new here, doesn't know how dangerous places can be . . . " The others laugh. "You have to be careful, even in school. . . "
Another chimes in, "Especially at school . . ."
A sharp twinge of pain shoots up my side and the dizzy feeling returns. I stumble and they laugh. I wonder for a moment why delinquents would come to school so early before laughing it away as unimportant. The one in front grabs for my wrist, I don't even bother trying to stop him. His eyes are cold and empty. He pushes me back against the wall hard and they all laugh again.
"Hey," A familiar voice makes me look up. "I think you guys may want to rethink this . . . I did after all ask her to meet me here.. "
The group parts and the guy in front falls to his knees. "Shit, I didn't mean anything, honest. If I had known. . ."
Those blue green eyes stare at me for a few moments and he remains silent. The group of delinquents hurry away behind his back. He adjusts his glasses and smiles. "I didn't expect you quite so bright and early, I'm sorry."
I nod and remain silent, the tightness in my chest slowly releasing. I take a deep breath trying to relax and smile back at him. "It's not a problem really, I'm sorry you had to bother with that. . ."
He laughs. "Not a problem, huh? " He grabs my hand and pulls me along behind him, leading me back behind the same double doors to the same balcony as yesterday. I hear the doors latch click as they shut behind us. He points to a seat and I take it, he remains standing, rigid. "So what's your name?"
I laugh, "Izumi. . .Izumi Negaimasu. . . "
He smiles and shakes his head. "Michita Mitsumeru, but you should call me master. . . "He leans down over me with that serious look on his face again. Dark hair falls loosely around his face., the warmth of his breath on my skin makes me flush red. He laughs and pats me on the head. "I really do mean it, from today onward I want you to be my slave. To repay me for trespassing and then lying about a path. We are in the same class, thats why they asked me to show you around yesterday. Your new anyways so from now on you will have lunch with me everyday so make enough for two. Since you must live somewhere near me we will travel to and from school together. I do have club some days so your going to have to wait. . ."
I just sat in shock, unable to process what my ears were hearing, my mouth opened involuntarily but no sound came out. Again the tightness in my chest. My heart beat quickens as he leans in closer. I try to grab for my chest but I realize my wrist are firmly being held against the armrests . Panic, the kind that makes ones body tremble, I feel it in my very core. He smells damp, like fresh rain. Calming but at the same time unsettling. "I want to hear it. . .Call me master." His voice soft, his breath sweet. He looks me in the eyes and smiles. "Come on. . ."
I feel my body tremble, I'm sure he notices too. He just stares into my eyes and I wonder if he is looking through me. My voice is quiet and cracking, "M. . . Master. . .huh?"
A flash of pleasure in his eyes, a crooked smile, I pretend not to notice. His weight falls against me, his head lays against my chest. I squirm still pinned, heart beating quickly. Something in me really wants this, I try half heartedly to get loose and fail. He laughs and something inside me stirs. "So tell me Izumi. . . Why did you transfer so late in the year?"
I snicker softly. "From the looks of this schools schedule I chose the right time, nothing but testing and festivals until break. . . I had hoped to sneak by unnoticed until then. . . But I have already failed that I think. . ."
He frowns. "Thats not what I asked. . . "
I sigh and look away. "I don't care to tell you. . .It's private."
He shakes his head. "Nothing is private. Don't you understand?" He squeezes my wrists. "Slaves can't have secrets. It's not the way this game works."
My wrists ache as the plastic grates against my skin. My heart beat, loud and pounding like a drum. "Then how does this game work?"
He smiles again, his eyes meeting mine.. "Simple really, you just do what I want you to. There are benefits for you as well, trust me."
I squirm again. "Benefits, huh? I'm so sure. . . "
A loud banging at the doors startles us both. Pain shoots up my arm as he squeezes to hard before pulling away from me. His eyes go cold and I dare not move, though I'm not quite sure where the feeling stems from I am frightened. He looks angry.
A voice shouts from the other side of the door. "Michita? Hey Michita?" Masculine in sound, it rang out. The banging continued.
Michita unlatched the doors before plopping into the seat next to me. He frowned before starting to dig through my bag. The doors burst open after a moment and a well dressed guy hurried through. Michita sighs and glances over at me, then to the guy. "Why do you interrupt me?" His brow creases with irritation. "You know better."
The guy scowls at me as he replies. "I heard you had a little bug bothering you. . .so I came to rectify it for you. Why is this pest here?"
Michita stands and steps towards the guy. The guy recoils in fear. "She is mine. . .Hold your tongue. " Michita snaps. The guy stutters. "Y. . yours? This girl?" He shudders with disgust still scowling at me. "I heard she's weak. . . What good could she be? My lord please, forget this silly girl. No one will accept this. "
Michita laughs. "Accept what? You have no choice in this. She is mine. Right, Izumi?"
My head drops and I sigh softly to myself. "Yes. . . . Master . . "
The guy laughs and shakes his head. "So thats it then. I get it now. Poor girl." He walks back out towards the halls.
Michita follows. "If you understand then know I expect you to treat her the same as you treat me. . "
The guy spins around. "What? You kidding, right?"
Michita smiles. "Not at all. If she misbehaves tell me, I will handle it. She is mine to punish."
I sit as they walk out of hearing range and I wonder how I even got to be in this situation. A slave to someone who has other students calling him lord. My mind wanders, at least I won't be alone, I scold myself for the thought. "Foolish." I mutter softly as I gather up my things. I pat the pockets of my book bag noticing that both my wallet and house keys have gone missing. Curses cross my lips in an inaudible tone as I hurry down the halls to the sounds of bells chiming.
The rest of the day passes in a hurried blur after I'm introduced to the class. Everything so fast and overwhelming. I spend lunch in hiding and even manage to loose Michita in the halls after school before remembering my missing effects. Disheartened I sit against a wall outside and search my bag again. Nothing, no wallet, no keys. No way to get inside that empty place. I feel eyes on me, sighing I rest my head against my knee. Shoes scuff against concrete and I'm lifted up and thrown against the wall. I cry out as two girls grab my arms and another hits me in the gut. After she hits me she empties the contents of my bag onto the ground. Angry they all stomp off not saying a word.
I fall to my knees and hurriedly try to scoop up my belongings. This school is filled with bullies, is this really where my parents wished me to come? This city is wrong somehow. Maybe I'm just to sensitive to things like this. I shake my head, my parents had once told me that. A hand reaches down and grabs up my notebook, I glance up. Michita looks back down at me. His frown quickly turns to something else as he looks me over. Two dark red hand prints mark my arms, a trickle of blood runs down the crease of my lips. He helps me up quietly shaking his head. "I told you to wait for me . . . You even missed lunch. . . I may have to punish you. . . But for now lets get you home. ."
I shake my head. "I lost my keys. . . and my wallet. . . I can't go home."
Michita smiles at me. "Won't someone be there to let you in?" A strange gleam in his eyes.
I sigh and look away. "No one is ever there, I am alone. "
He jingles my keys on his finger with a strange grin. "Well then we should get going then. I need to see this place you live."