They were everywhere. Me and Don, we sat on the roof looking down at them, crawling and shambling everywhere around us. We knew it was going to end soon for us. We couldn't get out, we were surrounded by them, it was horrible but at the same time somehow relieving. This had been going on for weeks, maybe even months, and we were tired. We hadn't said it out loud but we both knew it, when the time would come we wouldn't become one of them. We would die like... like cowards, but at least human. We would say goodbye to each other and to the world and we would make sure they wouldn't get us. That was the unspoken plan.

How had the world gotten to this point? We didn't know. We had managed to stay alive all this time, we had a reason to be proud of ourselves. We had killed so many of them, but you can't say we had killed humans. They had nothing human in them. They were already dead.

Last night they had gotten Mr. Thompson, and I had to get rid of him. Killed him with his own shotgun. That poor bastard. He was always so happy, he loved his little flower shop from the bottom of his heart. Even I had some good memories from that shop. And some bad ones. I think everyone in this town had them. It had been the best flower shop in the town, not because of the flowers, because of always as happy and friendly Mr. Thompson. He made everyone feel like they were worth something. Like there was a reason for them being alive. So people went there before graduations, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, to buy flowers for their loved ones or just for themselves. This town used to be ruled with Mr. Thompson's flowers. Without him and the flowers this depressed little town would have collapsed ages ago. Now he wasn't needed anymore. There was nothing to do, the town had already collapsed. And so had Mr. Thompson.

The sun was going down already. Dark hours were the worst ones. The scariest ones. I didn't have anyone but Don with me anymore. We had been together since the beginning. I had met him the first day I started to notice something was wrong.

You know, it's weird finding out there's a zombie acopalypse going on. I don't really know what happened. One day the streets just started to empty, people locked themselves in their homes. I didn't know what was going on, at first it was just a scary rumor going around from mouth to mouth, then there started to be serious news broadcasts on tv and radio. They talked about the corpses rising from their graves, killing people, eating them and making them join their armies. The armies of dead people. In all the movies I had seen, the zombies were people infected with some kind of a virus. But I had always thought the real zombies were the old-school ones, the walking dead, corpses rising from their graves. I had been right. Even though it doesn't seem to make any sense, that's what they were. And they weren't that hard to kill, there just were twice as many of them. Think about it, hundreds of rotted corpses that stayed alive just by eating small amounts of human flesh from their victims. That was the reason they all looked so disgusting and bruised, parts their flesh had been eaten by their fellow zombies before they woke up again, in their new form. And yeah, anyone who was killed by them came back "alive" as one of them. When there still was those news broadcasts they said it was some kind of pollution spreading in the ground, taking over the dead bodies in the graves. Now there's no broadcasts anymore. I think all the reporters are gone. Like everyone else.

Except me and Don.