HINKWSTHINETS so cute... 3 It was done on a whim, therefore this wasn't a commish for once... We started talking about marriage and adoption and this image just would NOT go away... The only reference I used was for one of their positions drawn by AudreyDutrox on Tumblr.



"How would forever sound to you?"

"Forever sounds like a beautiful thing."

The sunlight was low; it was just brushing the horizon and shone a bright orange ball of warmth. Thousands and thousands of miles away from its lover, the earth but still bathed in its warmth, its comfort and its protection. Vaguely the bassist wondered what it would be like to be thousands of miles away from his lover but to still feel that warmth and that protection because it was true, Sachen's presence provided such a protection and such a comfort that Shannon had not felt something similar since he was a young boy. Before his mother died and his father had disowned him. Sachen was warmth, protection and most of all he was love. He embodied love and Shannon relished in every word, every touch and every affectionate gesture that Sachen sent his way.

He was looking down at his hand – at the new ring that adorned the left finger - when the arms slid around his waist, watched the dying sunlight dance off the ring and smiled warmly before tiredly he tucked his head slightly and looked over his shoulder. Sachen wasn't all that much taller, about three or so inches so it was easy for the bassist to turn around and gently kiss the corner of his lips. He had stubble, Sach did and Shannon absolutely adored it, he liked the feel of it against his cheeks and his hands. Sachen exhaled heavily and Shannon went back to peering at the sunset again. After a second the younger man's grip tightened slightly and Shannon made a mew, exhaled and his stomach deflated slightly before he shifted and turned around in the grip with a warm smile lighting up his face as he slipped his arms around Sachen's neck with his head cocked to one side like a curious child.

"What is it?" He asked after a second or two, using a thumb to silently brush the pad over the other's lower lip and purred happily. It was strange, that purr of a noise because it wasn't possible for a person to purr, but somehow Shannon made a very similar noise to a purring cat. Sachen just found it damn well strange as well as a turn on. Shannon didn't say anything or stop his fiancé when Sachen leaned his head down the slight gap to kiss the musician and happily melted against the strong body in front of him, arms tightening fractionally but kissed him back without a comment and after a moment his hand slipped from neck to rest on Sachen's shoulder.

"Not here doll, not this time."

That made Shannon pause a beat and look up at his lover with a curious expression on his face and Sachen merely grinned wolfishly down at him before he gently took the man's hands in his own and led Shannon back inside into their bedroom. Sachen was thinking up something and Shannon wasn't quite sure he wanted to know. Torn out of his thoughts by the sudden bully that was gravity Shannon's arms flailed before he felt the soft comforting sensation of a quilt against his back and turned his head. He'd hit the bed, thank god. Then again Sachen wasn't the type to shove him around all that often. Speaking of, he was making an up movement and after a second Shannon sat up and then he understood and made an O face, scooting back up the bed and grinned when Sachen climbed up to lie beside him, laced their fingers together and Shannon oh so gently reclined back against his lovers chest. Sachen took the time to pepper every inch of available flesh with kisses and every so often would glance to gauge Shannon's mood.

Shannon had his eyes closed, but his lips were parted slightly and when Sachen stopped kissing his neck the bassist raised his head slightly and tilted it to look back at him through the thick curling brown hair and smiled before he shifted himself and leaned down to take Sachen's face in his hands and kissed him. It wasn't a rough "I'm gunna fuck ye!" kiss, no, it was surprisingly loving and gentle and for once Sachen knew what Shannon was after. He wasn't just after straight up sex, no, he was after love. And Sach was all too happy to give it to him. Since he was underneath and the bassist was leaning against him Sachen replied to the kiss easily and his hands smoothed lightly over Shannon's shirt and started undoing the buttons in order to get his lover's clothes off... Or at least start to.

Shannon didn't wear anything overly elaborate when he wasn't going out anywhere, or if he wasn't on stage. Sachen had seen the amount of belts and shirts and god knows what else Shannon wore on stage and had always vowed to get him naked if he ever wore it around the house. Shannon hadn't of course for the simple fact that when Sachen couldn't get clothes off quick enough he had the habit of ripping them. That's what he did now, he got half way down the shirt before he'd simply grunted and ripped the rest of it off and Shannon smiled lightly against the deep kiss, pulled away lightly to let it fall down his shoulders to pool at his arms and silently withdrew himself from the constricting fabric before he turned around to softly sit astride the man and kissed him again and Shannon was quite thankful that Sachen wasn't like him in the sense that he didn't wear the button up shirts. Instead he simply wore whatever he deemed fashionable at the time. A few seconds later with a soft frush of a noise the shirt was off and Shannon was very happy after that to let Sachen take him by the shoulder and roll them both over.

"Ever thought of a family?" Shannon purred softly through the kisses being left on his lips and jaw line.

"All the time, Shan. Especially with you."

That was it, Shannon was gone. He didn't want top anymore, he wasn't going to fight for it. He just wanted Sachen in any way that he possibly could. God damn it the age gap didn't bother him all that much but if only he'd been born a few years younger. One thing that worried Shannon was the thought that maybe the older he got the more Sachen would regret his decision. But no, Shannon wouldn't think like that because the ring on his finger soothed and washed away any worry, any imperfection and any worry that he could have ever possibly had about their relationship. The only thing Shannon cared about was Sachen, Sachen and the thought that maybe one day they could start a family together.

Once and only once the clothes had come off Sachen knelt between his lovers legs and in all honesty he was surprised that Shannon hadn't tried to wrestle him for top yet but one look down at the breathless bassist told the other all he needed to know. For once in his life Shannon was not going to fight to get top, he was going to suppress his natural instincts and just let Sachen do his thing. Sachen was just as happy to get the chance without having to tie Shannon up in some ways because he knew the bassists natural instinct was to dominate and control, it was just how he'd been brought up.

Shannon shuddered bodily with a rumbling groan when he felt thin fingers curl around him, closed his eyes happily. Sachen usually gave and took when it came to foreplay; Shannon had no problem with giving the man any and all pleasures before they did actually join together in the most soul loving as possible. Shannon made a deep noise when not only did he feel a hand on his length he felt a finger in a much more intimate spot and squirmed softly , panting. Another finger and another, huskier noise and Shannon couldn't do much in that moment but lie there and just thoroughly enjoy the treatment he was being given.

Sachen pulled away as quickly as he'd appeared and Shannon made a desperate cry, like that of a newborn. He wanted the lad back between his legs. Sachen smiled lightly and stroked his hand through Shannon's hair and kissed him deeply.

"Easy baby, easy." He purred gently "In a moment. Be patient." But Sachen knew he was treading a thin line. Teasing and pleasuring Shannon was all very well but doing so eroded the control of the bassist and if he ever lost said control Sachen knew he had no chance of getting top. Shannon was lying there of his own free will, it was best not to force the man to more drastic measures of seeking pleasure.

That bassist was still panting by the time Sachen had kissed down his body and grinned wolfishly before he abruptly took Shannon into his mouth without a single warning and grinned somewhat softly as Shannon let out a deep cry and his body arched up. After a second he sank down and groaned lowly and his fists clenched the bed quilts. He did love it, he loved this as much as he loved Sachen and the two together at any one time was just heaven on earth.

"Sach, baby don't... Please, gods if you carry on I won't be able to go on for very much longer." He growled quietly, his hand tightly clasped in Sachen's hair but if it was painful then the bassist knew he would have been made aware by now. Sachen left him with a last suckle before he pulled away and leaned forwards to kiss him deeply.

"Ready doll?" He smiled. Shannon looked up at him quietly, bobbed his head quietly and leaned up to kiss him deeply, arm winding around Sachen's neck and the other hand smoothing over his back and while one of Sachen's arms slid around to clasp and cradle the base of Shannon's back, the other resting on the bed beside them and his lips flittered over the sensitive skin of the bassists collar, his throat and Shannon just cradled the younger man to him but he was pliable so Sachen found no issue with being able to kneel between his legs and grab a pillow to adjust the way the musician's hips were aligned. A single thrust of his hips and Sach was buried to the hilt. The bassist clung to him, his muscles strengthening and holding Sachen as close as physically possible with gentle whimpers and Sachen smiled, hands smoothing over him and leaned back to let Shannon sink comfortably into his lap and exchanged their kisses. It was only a few seconds before Shannon groaned happily and nibbled at Sachen's lower lip.

"Ah... aah...Move..." he breathed desperately. Sachen grinned lightly, pushed Shannon back down onto his back and was very happy to roll their hips together in a harmonious movement. One of Shannon's hands remained at the side of the lad's neck and the other curled into the bed sheets beside his head, moaning and panting oh so very happily. Perhaps – Shannon decided – he'd let Sachen had top more often because he was proving himself more than ample enough to get them both a pace and a strength that both of them obviously found pleasure in. Shannon didn't mind when Sachen sank down slightly until they were chest to chest, the guitarist's arms very gently moving to hold him close and stroked his hand through Sachen's hair with a gentle touch. Shannon could think of nothing better to do with his time than lie there in a squirming meat mountain with the man that he loved.

The pillow kept his hips slightly elevated, it made Sachen's job much easier and the teenager was oh so happy to remain there, chest to chest, the pleasure over riding everything else and with a soft hiss Shannon quietly reached between them and gripped himself and growled a soft moan and stroked himself in time with the thrusts of Sachen's hips and it wasn't long until finally with a shuddering cry Shannon hit climax and spilt over his hand and stomach with a deep moan and closed his eyes and fell ever so limp, his hands resting on Sachen's shoulders and with each thrust forwards and each deep groan Shannon's body tucked tighter and tighter, the muscles contracted and tried their hardest to snug as close to Sachen as he could possibly have. Not long after the clench of the muscles and the wanton noises of the man underneath him forced Sachen to join him in those happy throes of pleasure and climax, shuddering bodily as he too hit his edge and spilt inside his lover with a moan.

"Fuck... Sach..." Shannon breathed quietly and let the man sink down on top of him after finally he relaxed and the two of them were parted. Sachen smiled lightly, his arms folded across Shannon's chest and kissed him gently on the lips before he settled down lightly as if to sleep and Shannon didn't look to mind one ounce, his hands moving slowly to settle on the base of the Sachen's back and simply hugged to him.

"You mean so much to me. Forever and a day..."