This story is based on a role-play idea that I joined, and helped a bit long ago in a website called otakuzone. Since the creator of the story had leave, I can just give credit to her/him here, Ic3W0m4n


In some period of times in the history, there had always been reports of those killers. Or should I say crazies? The ones who kill for no reason. The ones who kill because 'something' tells them to, and even the one that kills, because they can. To summarises, the insane ones that are both dangerous and deadly. The one that had bloods staining their hands and they liked it like that. The one that became famous because of the blood they had spilled, body they had slaughter.

Have you ever wondered what happens to them?

Stories had been told, gossips had spread and rumours filled the air for centuries but no one had ever known the truth. No one knows exactly who they are, what are their origins, and why they did what they had done. All peoples had for clues were only as far as the mindless words can reach, with no concrete evidence to support it. Now, after more than centuries had passed since their time of reign, though their legends kept on moving on, peoples started to think that they had ceased to exist. Logically speaking, what else could they be? It already had been more than hundreds years since they were last seen. Heck, some of them had been missing for centuries.

Unknowing to them, there had been peoples pulling some strings to make them believe so. To make them believe that those killers had really moved on to another live.

How? Why? Who?

Well, some secret shouldn't be told. It should be fought out.

But, I could tell you this much. They are very much alive. How? If you asked me nicely, I might tell you. Nah, it's too much trouble.

To make matters more interesting, they had never really disappear; they were caught, some turned themselves in and some.. just there. No one knows what happen to them after that. To tell the truth, peoples don't even know that they had been caught, much less knows by who and how. And if someone knew, they had never loosened their tongue to tell the story.

Actually, a little bird had told me all about it, but it would be too much trouble to tell you. The only thing that I could tell you right now, as time stopped at the year 2120 mark, they are now being contained in one place. All at one big, deadly asylum, lusting after revenge after more than one centuries of pain and darkness.


It could be that abandoned building right next to the wood; it could be those silent houses at the end of the village; it could be those unfinished building directly in the middle of town. It could be anywhere and no one had any idea. Except for those peoples who are involve with them. The people who put them there in the first place. And, not to forget, the keepers.

The keepers. This people might be forced to do it; some might just enjoyed doing it. And they are only barrier between insanity and reality. They are the only reason those crazies hadn't barged out of the asylum. The crazies had always been craving to feel blood again, to watch the pains that kept them entertain. And these keepers are the only things that stand in their way.

In a place like this, the weak wouldn't survive. When you are surrounded by people who would killed just for the sake of it, you better stop thinking about fairness and justice. A strict and cruel reign is better than an escaped prisoner. Blood and pain are part of discipline. And this type of thinking is the reason why these keepers could keep the 'residents' in line.

Now that you had known what you need to know, let's us take a journey deeper into the unknown. Maybe we could explore a bit and tried to find the answers to all the curiosity lurking behind those dark thoughts. Be sure to hold on to your sanity, because, in a place where no one has it, it could be quite precious.


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