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The lean body covered with a white shirt and faded jeans squatted down on the brown earth. His sneakers were dirtied by the dirt but he was oblivious to it. The only thing in his mind right now was his rose bed as he watered them with the plastic water bucket. The young man exhaled loudly as he stand up, stretching his hands up, bringing his shirt up with him as he do so, showing a muscular toned stomach.

"What the hell are you doing idiot?" The shout brought him back to reality. To where he was standing. Also to where she was standing, trembling like a small girl just caught doing something wrong. And with the way the uniformed man was looking at her, it was obvious that she had done something really wrong.

"I..I didn't do anything.. I only say I want to go home.." Her words brought frown to his face. Surely this girl isn't being serious? He thought as he put the water bucket down, watching her from afar, trying to figure out her identity but failing to do so. She might be, she might not. Who cares? It has nothing to do with us. Another voice rang inside his head and like the usual case when he doesn't have any remark back, he just kept quiet.

"You didn't do anything?" The rough voice sounded amused by this. Like the girl had just said something funny. No, it's like the girl had said something stupid. The voice answered back, bringing the guy's attention to the fact that the owner of the voice was also watching tentatively to the scene happening in front of them.

"You missy, is a criminal. That's why you are here." The guard said. The amusement still deep in his vocal. It was as if he enjoyed this. If that wasn't proof enough, the smug look on his face can double testified for him.

"No! I'm not a criminal! I just want to go home!" She shouted again, trying to release her hand from his bare hand. Bare? He asked himself as he took a second look at the guy's hand. The voice confirmed this when it added gleefully, That Akira Tsuko isn't it? It got to be, her hands look like they could break any moment.

"Let me go!" She shouted again, her eyes closed and tears started to pool at the base as she tried unsuccessfully to release her hands. The guard just smiled smugly, not even trying to hide the fact that he was enjoying this. Something strange happen then.

Water started to flows from where he was holding her hands and his hand started to lose their grip and easily she slip out from his hold. The girl stand there looking weary and teary as she rubbed her redden wrist, pains were showing on her facial expression even if there was no physical evidence showing so.

"Why you little.." It clear that the guard didn't take too lightly being rejected like that since he charged towards the girl, who now was hiding her face, eyes closed, behind her hands, as if her small, fragile hands could protect her from the angered man coming to show her place.

"What…" He couldn't get the words out when his run was blocked by an invisible wall, pushing him backward until he felt on his feet. The huge thumps caused the girl to first peek, and then lower down her hands. Her eyes looking at the guard, bewildered at the sight of him so close to her but divided with a thin line that couldn't be seen by either of them.

You just have to do it don't you? The voice sighed out and he prepared himself since he could practically sense the raw battle spirit cursing through his veins right now. His eyes locked with the guard and immediately he caught on with what was happening.

"Stop this force field right now Kara." And came the cold voice. Both of his hands was balled tightly that you could see the blue vein. Anyone could tell that he wasn't very keen on someone taking his toys away. Even the guy knows this, and they weren't even facing each other at this time seeing that the guard was keeping his head down. Probably trying to calm down his nerves before he pick a fight with an older resident. A senior at that.

Somehow, that though brought courage into the man. "I'm not Kara. And you know it."

"All I know is that you would get in a lot of trouble unless you get this off."

"Ah.. Is this what they teach the newbie guard this day? To use force even when we didn't do anything?" A voice rang behind them before the guy had any chance to interject. A woman was sitting comfortable at a low wall nearby. A smile was pasted on her face as if she was only looking at a quiet game of golf.

"To think that I use to think of this place as a sanctuary." She faked a sigh and the guy just has the urge to laugh.

She jumped down when the guard didn't reply. "Well, the quality of your guard is getting lower, Rei." She added, making the guard turned around in a hurry before coming face to face with a small-built boy that looks like he is barely at the age of 10. Yet, he was carrying a huge rectangular black sword that looked like it weighed more than he does.

"Sir! I-I wasn't doing anything wrong sir! This girl caused problems and I was just trying to stop her!" The guard explained rashly as he straightens himself in a salute position.

"Why is this here?" The boy asked, ignoring everything the guard just said, his hand landed on the invisible wall. "Neo?"

"I was just trying to help the girl." The guy said, he was neither afraid nor arrogant. Just casual, like they was talking about some daily thing.

"I was asking why is it still here." His voice was normal, but it wasn't really reflected in his action as he elbowed the unseen line causing a crashing sound. He proceeded to wipe his silvery elbow before looking at the girl on the ground. "And who is this?" The girl flinched at his voice as though she was hurt by it.

"Megumi Hime. New resident. Power, elements control." A voice greeted him from behind as a young girl came into the picture holding a file.

"Luna. How nice of you to join us." The older woman said, her voice was nice and friendly but she was replied with only a cold glare.

"Ah. And why is she on the ground?"

"Apparently, your guard here is trying to discipline her on his own." The woman interject, her hand pointing to the bare hand of the guard.

"I see." The boy nodded as the guard looks more and more frustrated.

"I was just keeping them in line!"

"Did I ask you to speak?" His voice was cold at this.

"And apparently, he still can't distinguish which is Kara and which is Neo, seeing that he was just preparing himself to attack Neo. That would be bad wouldn't it miss Luna?" The woman added again, clearly enjoying this.

"As hard as I hate this, and as hard as I want to disagree, I got to say that she's got a point. Neo isn't the attacking, or the rebel type so any attacks against him, not Kara, would be added as an assault." The girl pushed up her glasses, her eyes still glaring.

"Well, the girl isn't hurt and Tsuko haven't touched anyone yet. No harms done. Nothing to do here anymore." The boy said simply and the guy had to bite down his tongue before he could blurted out and points to the injured hands of the girl laying on the ground, a result of the ' no harms done' crap he was spitting. But, he knows that the boy wouldn't even care even if he did.

And he was right since the boy turned around and said, "Ah! Neo! Remember to attend to those hands."