Waiting to go to automotive class the only night class I ever had, I realized that I was hungry. I decided to make myself some dinner but I didn't want anything big so I went to get myself some super tasty cereal. I grabbed a box this super amazing maple pecan cluster cereal that is carried at only one store that it worthy of it's awesomeness, Trader Joe's.

This maple pecan masterpiece was a new find to me, even though my dad constantly bought it for some close family friends. I was always offered some but when I was younger nuts, especially pecans, seemed utterly disgusting. Meaning I never knew the true awesomeness of this cereal until I willing ate a bowl in my own house months earlier. It was at that point I was in love with it. The sweetness of the maple, the crunch of the clusters, and the munch of the pecans made for a love that can only be found in a bowl. The thing that shocked my more than anything was that is a fairly healthy cereal that was just sweet enough to satisfy my ever nagging, hard-to-please, sweet tooth, and just savory enough to fill me up. To me it is the perfect concoction of light, crispy flakes and crunchy oat-pecan clusters coated in a delicious maple flavor. I was excited for a bowl of this magical cereal.

I skipped over to the pantry to get the semi-new box that was waiting for me to some more of it's delicious contents. I grabbed it from it's spot and gingerly opened the flaps to smell it. An amazing almost heavenly scent wafted to my eagerly awaiting nostrils them. After I inhaled it's mouth watering scent, I set it gently on the table as if it was the most precious thing in the world. I made sure it wouldn't fall spilling its precious contents by lightly poking it with my index finger. It didn't wobble or look unsteady in anyway, feeling a warmth in my heart knowing it would be safe I went along with my quest.

All I needed now was some ice cold milk, a grand bowl to contain the wondrous cereal milk mixture and a spoon to make eating easier. I took my eyes off the box of deliciousness to get the items. They were in close proximity to the table where the tantalizing cereal was taunting me. My stomach was grumbling with hunger, anticipation and excitement for this perfect meal.

Upon turning I heard a small 'twap' followed by some heart wrenching skittering. The sound made my blood run cold. I twirled around on the pad of my foot to see how bad the damage was and there it was. The horrifying scene that was my precious delectable cereal all over the kitchen floor. It looked like someone had purposely poured all of my favorite cereal all over the floor with some evil intent.

But, there was no time to linger on figuring out what had happened. I was planted in my spot. I didn't know what to do. Time was ticking away. I didn't have the will to think up a new meal, make it and clean up the precious cereal in a way it deserved. I felt a crushed thinking that I would have to go to class hungry.

Then something clicked in my ultra intelligent brain. My dinner wasn't ruined! Quickly fell to my knees not in despair but in brilliance. I scooped up some of the cereal off of the floor and placed it in the bowl aka the alter for the deliciousness that rightfully belongs to my stomach.

Mmmmmmm floor cereal.