The mind has many pathways in its wake.

With the right amount of concentration, it is said that the human body can go into the state of meditation grant the brain and body's spirit to operate freely.

Some, but not all, of the few people who can perform this task usually are emotionally disturbed at birth; wanting to isolate themselves from the world, the people around them, and disappear into their self-made world operated by brain and spirit.

These humans are emotionally complex, have distinctive, vibrant and eye-catching imaginations and constantly stare into space; dissolving into their world in the process.

There have been many cases where as these humans completely indulge in their world, causing them to finally depart from this Universe. Once gone completely from the Universe, their loved ones they once knew forget every single detail about them; declaring the human non-existent.

But if there is at least one person who believes that human is still existent, said person will live on in spirit until that love one has passed on.

These humans with such unusual power are called "Projectors" in common English dialect. One reason for this name is specifically for the type of world they make within their minds and enter without any scientific explanation.

Legend has told that the Projectors can even create part their world within the Universe; but only the chosen and physically and emotionally ready can see the mystical, overwhelming scene and imagery such Projector can make.

In history, these types of people were persecuted, bullied, and killed for how uniquely different they were; often forced into hiding to save their lives, or can't even handle such emotional distress, and commit suicide.

In result, only 0.5% of Projectors live today. The population is slowly decreasing in reason of them departing from the Earth and arriving into their self-made world. Rarely seen today, Projectors are often hidden. They are very quite individuals, thinking of new creatures, items, or colors of life to place into their world instead of associating with others.

And if interacting with others, they will come off as timid, complex and mind-boggling. With their in-depth and hidden meaning words, it is common for a non-Projector to find it difficult to comprehend such a person.

But if a non-Projector does come as close as being a special part in the Projector's life, said person will live a blissful, loved-filled life; wanting to be at the Projector's side no matter what the cost. The love the Projector dispenses from their heart will be enough to give a long lasting and youthful life to his or her special someone.

Love is basically the only way the Projector can live on Earth for a general human lifespan.

Without love, the Projector is nothing but a lonely, lost spirit on the cruel surface of Earth; constantly wanting to escape the brutal treating they receive day after day if revealed to the public.

Without love, it is nearly impossible such a complex creature can live within earth.