The wind picked up, constant banging on doors and windows were heard. Yells, screams, and the shattering of glass. The rain pelted harder on the little home's roof. Sobbing coming from the house grew louder.

A little girl's voice screeched for help.

A man's large hands clasped her mouth shut; muting her from the desperate cries.

Her tears came as long streams down on her cheeks, the droplets dissolving into glittering twinkles when dripping from her chin. The man marveled at this, taking a tear in his finger, it evaporating into bright sparkles into the air as well. He chuckled. Then in seconds, he was cackling, shoving the girl into a corning and walking up to his desk to scribble notes onto a piece of paper. The girl hiccupped, hugging her knees as more tears leaked from her eyes and evaporated into thin air. But suddenly, she then stopped crying altogether. Her hiccups also stopped, and her breath ceased to come again. But her heart kept beating. And her eyes stayed opened. The man seemed to notice this, since he also paused from writing to glance at the little girl.

What he saw, but only for a small amount of time, was her eyes glowing bright white; still void of all emotion. Then, a small butterfly appeared onto her head.

It was white, with its wings having a sharp and curving green forestry pattern at its surface as it gleamed and floated gracefully around the little girl's still body. The man jolted backward and gasped in fear, falling from his chair and onto the wooden floor, carefully inching away from the creature. It did not notice the man, however, still hovering around the girl's body. It transitioned to circling around her, its glowing layer of unknown white light pulsing and rippling around its wings.

The pulsing went in a familiar speed. It was similar to a speed of a heartbeat, speeding up slightly when in flight, and slowing down when fluttering down on the girl's limp body.

"Get away from her," the man snapped. His voice was cracked and unsure. "I-I will kill her if you do anything to affect this study. Then she won't be a suffering spirit anymore, but will be gone forever from this world- never to appear again!"

The butterfly stopped fluttering and landed on the tip of the girl's nose, beating its wings in slow strokes; releasing waves of glittering dust onto the girl with each flap of its wings. In result, the girl gleamed the same white light as the creature, brightening the room with her glow. The man shielded his eyes from the mystical, scalding light.

The light weakened seconds later, the man lowering his arms to be revealed the reason for this.

She was fading away.

"No," he inhaled.

But it was too late. His word was wasted. The corner was now empty. The room filled with the same darkness that was always there, but strengthening every second the little girl was not.

'Please,' the girl spoke within her mind, her thoughts echoing within her world. Her bare, thin body surrounded by rising water droplets and beds of twinkling stars, constantly warming and brightening, healing her damaged and brutally beaten form. 'Save me. Save me from the pain that I suffer from.'

'I will wait.'

'I will never give in.'

'I will always remember.'



The boy's eyes creaked open, his ears being slowly flooded with noises. Groups of voices that filtered the air and constantly roamed within the room, waking up the male further from sleep.

But something else caught his attention.

Droplets pelted the window beside him, and dark clouds engulfed the previously blue sky.

It's raining.

"Uh, yeah, earth to William," a male's voice sung out. The boy named William turned his head- which was still placed comfortably in his folded arms on his desk- toward harsh hazel eyes; which morphed immediately soft after analyzing what had lay before him.

Damp strands of dirty blonde hair clamped to his sweat induced cheekbones. His heavy lids let only a small portion of William's eyes display. But what was revealed was distinctive amber that bloomed beautifully, catching the sudden attention of the few females roaming the classroom.

He felt wet and uncomfortable; with the sweat seeping his gray hooded jacket while the air vent poured cool air on his exposed hot skin of his neck.

"You had that dream again, from the looks of the sweat," The hazel-eyed teen murmured, his arms crossed against his chest. William gazed lazily ahead, observing the boy in front of him. Tossed brown locks of hair nearly covered his eyes as they stood out from his lightly tanned skin and playful hazel orbs. Finally, William remembered.

"Zack, what period is it," William questioned, sitting up in his desk.

"School's over, dude," Zack answered blandly, dragging a chair over by William's desk, taking a seat. "You fell asleep for the whole period; Lucky stuff that the teacher didn't catch ya."

William sighed at this. Brushing his wet bangs back, he grabbed the hem of his gray hoodie and tugged upward, reveling his white tank and sweat-induced glossed body. The roaming females watched at the corner of their eyes as his arms flexed when he stretched his cramped body.

Feeling eyes stare him down in indecent ways was common for the amber-eyed blonde. For his hair, eyes and body; call him coincided, but William didn't blame any female staring him down with indecentthoughts running through their heads.

But despite his outer looks, William wasn't a social butterfly, per say.

"Ok, you have to stop showing off in front of me," Zack huffed, leaning back in his chair. "Not cool that you go all Ralph Lauren male Model specifically in front of groups of girls. I'm still here, you know."

William shrugged. "Sorry, being sweaty and hot doesn't do it for me. Deal with it."

The rain pelted down harder on the school's building, causing the remaining students in the classroom to clear out faster. William turned his head toward the window, which showcased the swollen dark clouds sending out waves of liquid onto the city. It was a familiar sight that gave him goosebumps.

Rain constantly reminded him of that everlasting dream.

"Did you find any clues about that girl?"

William was surprised to her Zack speak in such a serious tone. He did not turn his head to him, however. "No."

The brunette's eyes closed, his arms crossed loosely against his chest. "You know she may just be a figment of your imagination, right? Is she really that important to cause you to dwell on that dream?"

"I know that," William answered simply, sliding down into his chair while his eyes focused onto the dark sky. "And yes, she is that important; really important, actually."

William's heart gave a slight ache from letting those words slip from his lips. Those painful eyes that mysterious girl had within his dream caused a switch to flip in his head. It caused William to seek out for answers. Why was that girl in such a situation? Was she safe now?

More importantly, what caused her tears to dissolve like that? And when her eyes glow that unnatural white, what was the cause of that? There were many questions that William did not know the answers to. It bothered him that he did not know what caused her pain. So he would constantly try to continue to dream; to dream father so he could find his answers.

But to have such a vivid dream; it gave William a needed wakeup call.

"Did that weird vision, dream, whatever. Did it have that much of an impact on you?"

The question hung in the damp air for awhile.

Then William chuckled a bit, a smile appearing on his ever straight lips.

"You can say that."

His clothes soaping with cold water, William flung his equally soaked bag to the side and stripped himself of his sweatshirt, throwing it into onto the floor with a splat. William never liked the rain. It always made uncomfortable when he got his clothes wet; then feeling flushed and even more uncomfortable when indoors.

Combing his hair back, William hived a sigh. Whenever he had those dreams, afterward he would feel drained of all his motivation of doing the simplest of things.

So homework is definitely a no-go.

Stepping out of his shoes without even having the effort to use his hands, William walked into the dark hallway.

And when things couldn't get any worse for the boy-



William hissed quietly at the newly developed pain at his bum. His socks oozed water onto the wooden floor, causing William to slip and wipe out on the ground. The pain from his backside surged upward his body. He momentarily thanked God that his parents were not home.

That alone gave him the right to lie on the floor and actually think about several things.

From time to time William reminded himself that this was reality; constantly saying to himself that in reality, nothing that is not documented and proven, is real. Even though that statement is reasonable, a little part of William wanted to rebel and say otherwise.

Ever since the dream, William had tried to compare that situation to any other thing in the world that was documented and proven.

Nothing came to mind, and that scared him.

Dreams are made up of memories in the brain. And it is most likely you won't remember a dream fully after waking up. But this dream felt like it took place in another time and era altogether. Nothing that remained within his memory.

Not to mention the quality imagery of the dream frightened the living shit out of William.

It was so realistic, almost like he was in that room with that man and girl; watching the horrific scene takes its place.

That enough caused a small part of William to break into tiny shards, but reform into a new thought process.

What if this was a real event that took place?

What if this was something that was documented and proven?

What if he wasn't the only one with the problem of having this specific scene play as a dream, over and over again?

William's breathing caught up with his fast thinking process. He had to calm down and face the facts. This isn't a fantasy world, its reality. Eyelids feeling heavy, he let his eyes close, trying to calm his heaving chest and sped up heart.

This is reality. William stated, slowly picking himself up off the ground. He felt lighter and calmer. With each step up the wooden stair case, the word reality stuck with him with every step.

Forget about her, a voice spoke within William's head, piercing and silky, tempting him. Noticing he was in front of his room door, William took a deep breath once more and slid his fingers on the cold metal of the round door knob, gripping firmly.

Just forget.

Opening the door, William took a step inside and was greeted by something that, deep in his mind, he suspected; but never imagined thoroughly.

A slim figure curled up on the wooden flooring, her plain thin white dress soaked with the same dense liquid pouring from the heavens. The drops of liquid rolled down her dark caramel skin and coco brown strands of damp hair clamped to the surfaces of her small cheeks. Her eyes we closed and her breath came out evenly through her nose, chest rising in a hypnotic rhythm.

Up, down, up, down, up…

Suddenly, William felt his knees give out on him, landing on the ground which this girl laid not just a few inches from him. His amber eyes grew wide, taking in what is currently placed before him.

He was mesmerized. Bewitched. Charmed. William felt his whole body go limp and the tips of his fingers tingle, realizing at last what is going on.

There's a stranger in my bedroom.

But this was different from any other cat burglar or robber. Way different. So different, William did not know what to do. If Mom or Dad were to come home at this moment, what would he say? Oh, I don't know her. But I've watched her suffer and disappear in my dreams every rainy day since my life began?

He inwardly cringed, despite still staring at the sleeping girl. Even if he tried to explain that, they'd just assume he brought her home for other intentions.

Just as he thought that, the peacefully sleeping girl abruptly grunted softly then stirred, turning to face away from the blonde.

By then, William was already out of the room, his legs moving on whim and his heart sped at full speed.

Ok, maybe he needed to wait awhile before doing, or thinking, anything hasty.

Sighing, William slid his back on a near wall, feeling worn out. He needed to think. This was probably all an allusion. He doesn't get much sleep anyway. Most likely just the trick of the moody light that dimmed into his room. Yeah, that's it.

William's eye lids slowly shut, and this time he indented to keep them closed for as long as possible; for as long as he needed them to.

The slight pain in the blonde's lower back jolted him awake. William groaned as he hoisted himself up, eyes squinting to peer for his room door. Noticing it was wide open, he groggily limped himself inside of the room.

But as he slowly walked inside, William noticed something different in his dark bedroom.

She wasn't there.

Relief washed over his body, a small sigh slipping from his lips. Just the trick of the light, William thought, feeling a slight stream of cool air on his body. It was quick, like an object passing by. Suddenly, a small click of the door was heard, and then the ceiling light was switched on.

William cautiously turned around to find himself staring the same girl.

The same girl who he thought was just the trick of the light.

A quick breath of air was inhaled by the blonde from the sudden shock he received from the odd girl, who stared at him with her dark cobalt blue eyes. Her arms were straight at her sides as she slowly glided toward William, her feet patting at the wooden flooring.

"Did," she began her voice soft. "Did you hear me call for you?"

William just stared steadily at the approaching girl. His breath came out slowly through his nose. He knew exactly what she was talking about. Her piercing screams of help that were never heard. But William didn't give in easily. She was the one intruding personal property, so he should be asking the questions.

"Who are you?" He questioned. The girl did not answer, though she did not stop her slow steps toward the male either.

"I've waited a long time. Seeing you in person makes me feel like living life again," The girl states quietly, as her body is just inches away from William's, making the boy's heart speed up in frustration. She wasn't answering his question. Even worse just ignores it altogether.

"Who are you?" William presses harder, his voice bordering threatening.

She takes her longing; hallow eyes away from William's glaring ones. Instead, her eyes scanned his face and whole body; which was now bordering close to being pressed against the girl's slim petite one. Her hands finally moved, her long elegant fingers sliding in between the spaces of William's fingers. She started guiding his hands up her body; starting at the hip.

"You may not believe me now, but we are fated to be together. I've longed for your presence since the day I was born."

As she said this, her hands never stopped guiding William's. Their hands glided against her waist, lightly over her small chest, then finally to rest against both of her warm cheeks. She slightly nuzzled his warm hands.

William did not pull away nor did he resist. He just stared.

He felt safe. These stranger's hands that were tangled within his felt familiar and radiated warmth of a loving person. He could see it within her deep eyes, which glossed over as if she was going to cry.

"Please," William somehow whispered. It's like once the girl took his hands within hers, everything just mellowed out. "Just-just at least tell me your name."

There were many more questions he could have asked. This was the girl he dreamt of all his life. He saw her cry tears of pain all his life. William wanted to help her ever since the first day the horrid dream was dreamt. But even if she disappeared right after giving him an answer, he would be satisfied with just knowing this mysterious girl's name.

She let go of William's hands. For a second, William felt lightheaded. His body shivered at what was placed before him. The girl's eyes flashed glowing white color; her small plump lips forming syllables that were not heard, but only seen.