This is the love of one of my friends. What he would go through everyday he saw her face. She will forever be his pineapple, and he will forever be the one that got away.

~The Pineapple Seed~


by XxmickeyTxX


With every rejection,

And every suspicion,

His longing would never be wavered,

For his love for her would last through

The external guise of her pineapple face,

Tinted with pink as her melancholy laugh rang through his ears.


The torment was brutal.

For when his love would waver,

Her love for him would grow.

For when his love would deepen.

Her love for him would fade.

The question in his mind would continue to grow,

As too the distance between them.


With every laugh,

And every shared smile,

The golden glow of another would haunt her into turning away.

Although his love for her is so to no repent,

His life shall continue on.

And before long,

Her distant memory with wander into his head,

And the pineapple seed of love,

Will plant in his mind again.

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