Involuntary Romance

Chapter One

The broad doors opened to reveal the interior of the school. Very polished-looking - well-kept. Everything was. Maybe a bit high-classed too.

"Welcome to Oran Academy!"

Four people stood there, like they all had been awaiting my arrival for some time now.

This is a normal high school, right?

"Uh, hi," I greeted. "I'm the new transfer student. My name is Odhran Stilt. I'm suppose to be here?"

One of the four people, a girl, stepped up to grab me by the arm. "There isn't much time! We gotta get you started right away!"


Before I knew it, I was being carried away, without my consent in the matter.

I let her lead me wherever as she steered me this way and that, through several hallways. I watched her hair from behind, barely flowing at the small pace we were making. And... What peeked out from it was... A hamster? It cocked it's head at me in question.

This... Can't be right.

To the left of me came a semi-older-looking girl, matching the pace of my own. "We're going to show you to your new room. Relax."

"Uh, wait, is this some sort of private school?"

"You don't know?" - An older boy walked on my right, opposite from the older girl, matching with my pace as well. "Do you even know why you're here?"

"To learn? This is... High school, right?"

An attractive girl with fluffy brown hair walked ahead of us all. "Ha. You have no idea, do you? Another ignorant kid. Just my luck." Her shoes tapped as she made her way up the steps.


The girl who was leading me turned her head back at me, smiling. "Persephone and Linden are leaders of this group. I hope you can get along with them." Her attention suddenly became drawn to a particular door ahead of her. "Oh. Here we are."

She pressed on the slightly opened door and went inside. "Linden? I thought you were downstairs with us..."

I stood aside from her. In the room, on a bed laid an older black-haired boy with an opened book placed upon his face. He moved the book under his eyes just far enough to see, and stared at us all with penetrating blue eyes, silently.

The fluffy brown-haired girl came to stand by the bed he was laying upon. "Of course he wasn't. How typical of the lazy king to stay in bed doing absolutely nothing." She snatched the book from him, putting her hands to her hips. "He leaves all the hard work for me to do. Selfish."

I gazed at his face. This man is... Perfect. He's undeniably hot. How can such a flawless person exist...?

"Are you the new student?" He asked.

Please don't notice I'm blushing...

"Who, me? Y-Yes sir...," I answered.

"Sir? There's no need for that. Please call me master."


My expression dulled.

Is this guy for real...?

He stood from the bed. This guy wasn't smiling... Was that some sort of dry humor he threw at me?

"What sort of ability do you possess? Do you know?" He stood before me now.

"Ability? What do you mean?"

"You're not aware? Then never mind it. I've arranged this bedroom to be fit for the two of us. There shouldn't be any problems. If you have any questions or concerns, please tell me so." He put a hand to my shoulder as he edged passed me and the rest. "Good bye." I briskly turned to watch him go.

He was perfect.

"He's hot, I know," the older girl whispered to me. "But he's not worth it, trust me."

"Whaaaaat!" I yelled, drawing my hands to either side of my head. "How'd you know that that was what I was thinking!"

"I didn't. You were blushing, so I just kind of figured..."

"Actually," The older boy cut in, " his precise thought process was 'this man is perfect. He's undeniably hot. How can such a flawless person exist?'"

I slowly directed my head to him - jaw dropped in shock.

He... How did he... How could he... Is he...-

"A mind-reader?" He proposed. "Why yes, I am. It's my ability after all."

"Ability! You can read my mind! Please don't! That's creepy! Besides that, what's this ability bull-crap you guys keep talking about!"

"Excuse me... I've got to go find Lin." He left.

I turned to the two girls for an answer - the older one and the one that led me here. "Well?" My patience ran thin.

The girl that had led me here only stared and blinked in response. That damn hamster I saw earlier nuzzled it's way through her hair again - this time, from the side. It joined in, staring at me.

"If you're planning to take my darling Lin from me, then you better forget it." - The fluffy brown-haired girl changed the subject on me. She sat on a bed behind me with her legs crossed - a cheek resting in the palm of her hand with one elbow on a knee. "He's already taken by me. And needless to say, we're a perfect match for obvious reasons."

"Huh? But... You were... Insulting him earlier..."

The older girl whispered in my ear. "It's complicated. She has weird fantasies of going out with him. It's a physical type of attraction, nonetheless."

The fluffy brown-haired girl's face scrunched in a look of distaste. "It's not a fantasy. He really is mine. He's just... Not entirely agreeing with it at the moment... But he will soon enough! Anyway, you!" She pointed a finger to me in haste. "Newbies get to clean up after their peers, so today's your lucky day. Until you find out what's going on with everything, your job is precisely that. So I will be expecting the most from you. Have fun." She walked out, cheerfully.

"Clean... Up...?" I halfway smiled at the notion from exhaustion and disbelief of it all.


The girl that had led me projected a gleaming smile at me. "Come down and eat in the cafeteria when you get the chance. I hope you will come to like it here. Well, good luck." She turned from me and grabbed the older girl's arm, much like she had done to me earlier. Kind of controlling. "Come, sis," she said and both had left... The remainder was myself.

Man, I'm exhausted...

I approached a bed and dropped myself down onto it.

I didn't even get to know all their names... Should I have asked? But... Nobody would tell me anything about anything so why would they bother to tell me their names...? Regardless, they were all annoying. The only decent one was that older girl, and that was because she was the only one who told me anything at all...

I hugged the pillow.

Wait... Isn't this the bed that really hot guy was laying in...? Doesn't that mean that this is his bed?

I left the thought linger awhile before I brushed it aside.

Whatever. He never told me that this was his bed, so it's fine...


I hugged the pillow tighter.

This pillow smells good...