My inspiration = The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. We are all little worker bees in this world. The only difference between us and them, is the fact that we all yearn to be queen. Not everyone can be queen, but we keep trying anyway. What a pity, and what a selfish world we live in.

"A World of Bees"


by XxmickeyTxX


The world is a bee yard

full of many things.

There are the workers

the ones with their wings in the air

and a pep in their step,

waiting until they find what's theirs.


And then there is the queen.

She watches and waits,

for there will be a day were her power will deflate.


They are very similar to us.

Bees that is.

They have a life,

and kids,

and a place to call home,

with little tempers

and alot of honeycomb.


There are rules they live by,

as do we,

give it some time

and I shall explain to thee.


Don't be afraid,

we don't want to sting you.

Don't be an idiot,

think things through.

Don't you dare swat,

for we will get mad

and then you will receive something

you would have rather not had.


This is it,

the last rule in the book.

If you send others love,

they will be hooked.

Keep an open mind,

and loving heart,

and your house of honey

will not fall apart.

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