Symbolism Time ~ Lotus = ? ~ In this world we strive for perfection everyday of our lives. There is no such thing. Everyone knows this, but we try anyway. Our desire for it burns, and our ashes are pulled into the breeze. How nice.

Death of a Lotus


by XxmickeyTxX


In a perfect dream

an opulent lotus is what we see

as its own fear reeks with envy.

Silver petals line its charcoal stem

as if it were gold burning in its own flame.


Year by year

these treasured petals fall

and vines like raptors attempt to attain them,

but with the swiftness of the breeze,

and the stillness of the fire,

they diminish into this Earth

leaving what is now a faint memory.


Through every fainted muse,

and every endless dream,

its silver stretches for

the wealth,

and the knowledge,

and the grace of its lotus,

Although with every fire,

and every breeze,

it is gently whisked away.

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