This will probably confuse most of you out there. I don't care though. I wrote this for me. Whenever I feel myself falling again, I read this, and I know that he is in a better place.

~ Wednesday Morning ~


by XxmickeyTxX


I had a dream,

And so it would seem,

It came true the next day.


The sun was waking from its slumber,

And though it seemed to hover,

There were no disturbances.


We slept on the floor,

Oblivious to what was in store,

What if we decided to go home?


As you slept,

I wept,

I seemed to be aware of something.


Was it a bang?

Could you hang on for a moment?

Or was it just a boom,

That you faded into through the loom?


I feel guilty,

Even filthy,

That we weren't there with you.


Now blow out your candles,

Make a wish that you can handle,

And float away with a part of my heart in tow.


Happy birthday.

I hope all your Wednesdays are better than this one. Review.