From A Fish


by XxmickeyTxX


The familiar ache in my jaw told me I was caught again.

Light, everlasting

Blinded my already tired eyes.


My body, wrinkled and cracked beyond repair

glided across the surface of the dusty pound.

Water tainted with red,

I knew I was a goner.


Her eyes watched curiously,

specks of gold glistening in the blistering sun.

Her eyes grew droopy,

sympathy filling them as they watched

my skin shrivel in the heat.


My gills continued to call for air

as the silver hook pulled from my cheek.

Flying into the horizon,

my soul flew out of my swollen body.


The sand was a casket around me,

smothering me with every stroke.

I wanted to be angry at her

Glittering eyes.


But all I could do

was smile.

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