Kane walked down toward the big meeting room.

The room was hardly ever used; the only time was when the high councillor Elders thought there was a reason important enough for them to all get together.

Kane's thoughts were everywhere. What have I done wrong? Is it another track and log? Has one of ours got out of control? Does this have something to do with the prophecy that was just recently rediscovered?

There was only one way to find out. Opening the huge wooden door to the room Kane stepped into the meeting room to find that indeed most of the Elders were in the room. All twelve except for one, this wasn't really a surprise as his father rarely turned up to these once a year, if that, meetings.

"Kane glad you could join us. We have a mission for you." Elder Harris spoke to him. "This is going to be a long one. We have already briefed your partner," Kane was about to interrupt but was cut off by a look from Elder Esmeralda. "You will be looking for eight ability holders. We are not sure who they are as the prophecy isn't very clear but we do know that they are powerful and will need your help."

Kane really wanted to ask questions, and let them know that he normally works alone, but he knew it was not allowed and he wasn't about to disrespect the Elders. Kane nodded to show he understood.

"You will be a teacher for an abilities class, and this makes it easier because with all your experience you will be able to help these children learn to control their abilities. We don't know much about them but with what we do know they will be very powerful."

This was also going to be easier because normal people found out about people like us a few years ago, so we won't have to hide what we really are doing in the class.

"There is a file waiting in your office explaining what needs done and what to do once all nine have been found. There is also a copy of the prophecy so if you see anyone that suits any part you will know." Elder Harris was normally the one Elder to speak but the others usually but in, but not today so I knew this was important and if I failed it would be bad and I don't mean for just me. "There is a plane waiting for you and Amber Morgan, your partner, and it will be leaving in an hour. Good luck."

With that he nodded and I turned and left. That's how they worked; they said what they had to and dismissed you when they were finished.

Walking into my office I picked up the file that was lying on my desk and made my way over toward my bag that was already packed.

Looking over the details I knew that this was going to be a long trip. There were a sheet of paper with some names and ages that looked like kids who were suspected to have an ability related to the prophecy, but not a positive match.

There was a knock on my office door. I opened the door and saw a girl standing there with a bag over her shoulder. She looked to be about sixteen. She had long Mahogany hair and brown eyes.

"Can I help you?" I asked the girl.

She smiled up at me. "You're Kane right? I'm Amber and we need to get on the plane in half an hour." She turned and walked toward the lift. I quickly grabbed my bag and followed her.

I caught up to her. I wasn't one for much talking and I could tell by the way she addressed me that she wasn't either which was good, that way there wasn't going to be any annoying small talk. Don't get me wrong I like people it's just the ones that talk a lot that get on my nerves.

We made it downstairs and got into a car that was waiting for us at the front entrance of the building that was owned by the high council. It was presented like a successful law firm but really it was the H.Q for everything ability related.

We made the plane and boarded.

This was going to be a long flight, six hours to be exact. I looked over to Amber to see her putting in her headphones and scrolling through her I-pod. I decided to continue with looking through the file of the mission.

This was a major mission and I was determined to complete it, and somehow even though Amber didn't look like she cared I knew that she was determined too. Good luck to the both of us.