a dying man has asked your forgiveness,
and you are gasping for air at the very idea
of granting it. to this man

who snatched away your childhood
with every alcoholic sneer and now
cancer bleeds from his tongue.
and generally you pride yourself on
knowing right from wrong

but your skin is screaming and you
can almost taste the fear, the danger pouring
from his freckled hands like waves.

staring in the mirror and you don't even
recognize your eyes anymore; he haunts them
with his plea for mercy, mercy, mercy

(after all these years you still remember
his sweaty skin on yours, the way he
tasted on your virgin lips. his name still makes your
stomach tighten & teeth clench.)

a dying man has asked your forgiveness,
oh, this dying man has asked your forgiveness

and this is history repeating itself again;
you will follow him to the grave once more