Your name sounded so foreign slipping out of my lips. Like it didn't belong there. Like it was just another name of a stranger.

The truth is you weren't. How could we be strangers if at some point we had been lovers? The sentences hadn't been fake, no? When I told you I loved you, I meant it. When I said that I missed you, I really did. And when I admitted that I needed you, it was really you I needed and no one else. I was in love with you, crazy in love with you, and I believed you were with me, too.

But love doesn't always work out. Sometimes it lasts, but in our case, it was the other way around. All that's left was pain.

And maybe now my heart had finally managed to dull the ache. The wounds were perfectly stitched, all I could feel now was the painless scar. All tasted bitter on my tongue, including the sound of your name. The sight of you no longer drove my heart thumping out of my ribcage. The sound of your voice no longer sent shivers down my spine. When I thought of you, no tears were running down my cheeks. You didn't matter to me anymore. Or so I thought.

But when you offered your hand to me and gave me that same bright smile that reached your eyes and still shined even in the dark, I finally could feel you again, after days, weeks, and months of waiting and wanting and needing to feel you. It was one simple touch of your skin against mine and now I'm falling back in love all over again.

"I'm sorry," I say, finally finding the courage to come to apologize after a year and twelve days of hiding under a rock.

You nod, you smile, and unexpectedly, you hold out your hand to me. "I'm sorry, too."

I stare at your hand for a millisecond, trying to comprehend what is happening before my eyes. But it's true, it's real, it's happening, you want to touch me, to feel me again, as much as I've always wanted to do you. So I take your hand, and for a while I'm savoring the moment that passes when your cold palm is warming against my own. And when the time is up, I know I have to let go. Hesitantly, I do, because it seems like I have no other choice. And it just makes me want more of you, although I realize that I have no right to do so.

I can't blame you for it, though. You've always had no idea, the effect that you have toward people like me.

Especially me.

So what do ya think? I've been surprisingly in a lovey mood for a while. Eh, I never thought it woulda feel this great to be in love again :D