20 November 2012

12:30 AM

So, I've become interested in One Direction recently. Not really their music, but the boys themselves. I don't know. They're just so cute and so real, ya know. I've especially taken to Larry Stylinson. Like… a lot. But, there are surprisingly few fics about them. Like, good, lengthy fics. The best one I read was only 12 chapters and wayyy too short. I REALLY want to start a fic for them, but a) I don't know enough about the boys and b) I'm way far behind on my other stuff anyway. I couldn't possibly do that to you guys. I mean, I feel bad enough about what I did with Top Ten. I fell hard on that responsibility. I suck at everything. Meh. Since we're off this week, I'll see what I can do for updating stuff. But I must do some … I completely forgot what I was gonna say there. Oops. Uhhh. Th-Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks! (For now)

22 November 2012

6:46 PM

Would you like that? A Larry fic? Because I am really getting frustrated trying to find a good one. They're all either one-shots, too short, or just plain not good. (Or not being updated, too.) Would you hate me for starting another project? Meh. I just really want a good one. And I have a Directioner as a best friend, so I'd send it to her for editing, personality-wise. Maybe, if I manage to get BOTH stories updated in a decent amount of time from now, I'll let myself do it. Yeah. Okay! Let's get writing!