1 May 2012

Today was our first Pop Show rehearsal at the church. And my day started badly. It started with my mother telling me "You're ruining my life!" so I wanted to freaking cry. . But my daddy cheered me up and I had a croissandwich. Then the day wasn't too terrible: I had a super easy test in History and I typed up the script for our Pop Show group during library. I didn't think I'd make it, so I gave it to another girl in the group to give out, and when I got there a few people came up and complimented the script(: That always makes me happy. I need more Dr. Pepper. When I came home, though, I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite. You know, this is kind of what it sounds like in my head. I basically type what I think. It's like my thoughtflow pages.

I don't really have much to say today. I'm tires, and I should be getting in the shower but I'm talking to "Greyson." Still think that name is sexy as cowgirls. But in a more dudely way, since cowgirls are female and the name Greyson is male. Yeah. . Meow.

I need to make some more friends. Seriously. I am so alone it's not even funny. Pathetic, yes. Funny, no. And while I would appreciate the offers, you people don't count because I can't hug you in real life. I'm a very touchy-feely person.

Speaking of friends, or my lack thereof, the one friend that I DO have is getting on my nerves. I mean, I get it from her point of view, but from my point of view, it still hurts. Like I said, she's my only friend. But we never hang out, we never talk, and we were put into groups of three for this pop show thing and I was with her and this other girl at first, but then the next time we did it, some other chick said she wanted to be with them and Carolyn, my friend, said sorry Karla called it first. And guys, I am socially awkward. I dread the days teachers tell us we can work in partners. And when they do, I pray they've picked partners for us.

That's all. I have to sleep.