2 May 2012

I have headache. I'm going to lie down. Therefore that is why I would not post much today. If my headache gets better, though, I'll write more. No more Monster for me. .

Okay, so my headache isn't gone, but it's much less severe.

Today was a bad day. School was fine, actually fun. We went to an elementary school for Spanish and hung out with our pen pals. But then I went home. Home is not a fun place for me. Not right now. I get yelled at so much for my homework and stuff, and somehow my brain thinks it's a good idea to shut down and avoid my work even more after my mother and father have screamed at me until they turn blue to do my work. . I hate this. I don't know what I'm good for. I can't do a thing. I'm never going to get into college and I'll never get a job. I'll be living with my parents until they kick me out and I have to live on the streets. Unless I get a writing job, I'm going to be living off the government. I just don't get my purpose. Why am I here? I'm of no consequence to anyone. As my mother told me, I just ruin people's lives. I just annoy everyone. Everything would be the same, if not better, had I not been born. Or at least born with a more stable head. I cause my own problems, too, and I know it. But I still make the same stupid mistakes. It's so dumb. Meh. I just want to sleep. Sound like any mental disorders you know? Hah. Yeah. Textbook.

Kill me now.