"Agent Lyons, you've got a new mission." Maggie, the receptionist at the International Secret Spies Agency or the ISSA, said, handing me a thick file.

"What's this about?" I asked, looking through the file. A pink slip fell out of it.

"Some woman trying to get her hands on gems in every country in this world. She's got China, Alaska, & Mexico's already."

"She seems desperate." I replied, picking the pink slip up. I shoved it into my pocket and patted it.

"Exactly. Oh. By the way, Ms. Biers said that there's gonna be a meeting between you and her. It's about the mission."

"Okay. Thanks. See you later." I flashed a smile and headed to my office. For me, I've always had an equation for myself. A girl aged 16 plus office plus secret spy always adds up to the word awesome. I was still freaking mad about my parents sending me to the ISSA. I just wanted to live a normal life. My eyes flickered to my graduation picture. It was last year's picture, when I graduated from Harvard University after getting my Bachelor's Degree for Chemical Engineering. I felt pretty awesome at the first second I experienced my "just graduated from university" moment. In the end, I really had nothing to do other than going for training and missions. After a few minutes, I went out of my office to get coffee. On my way to my favorite cafe, I glanced at Adam Johnston, the guys every girl would swoon over. He winked at me, and I flushed. That feeling was the feeling of how normal teenagers would usually react, according to my study.

"Stop blushing, Oceana." I told myself off as I looked away. "I'm a spy, not a normal teenager."

I was outside Ms Biers' office. Ms Biers is the boss and founder of the ISSA, but she's like a sister to me. We used to go to theme parks but stopped when I turned thirteen. She's a mother and sister to me in a way, but we've much similarities when it comes to work.

Soon enough, I found myself eavesdropping.

"Agent Lyons is not experienced enough to go undercover. She's got no idea what's out there. She won't even know what she'll do when something happens to her!" Adam said.

"Well, it's my choice. She certainly knows what's out there, Agent Johnston. She knows what to do if something happens to her. That's why she's a spy here. I know her best, so I know my options." Ms. Biers replied.

I knocked hard on the door and came in. "You asked to see me, Ms. Biers?"

Ms. Biers straightened her posture. "Oh yes, Agent Lyons," She said. "Agent Johnston, Agent Lyons & I've got a very important matter to discuss. We would appreciate it if you would give us some privacy. You are now dismissed, Agent Johnston."

Adam stomp-walked passed me and closed the door. I took a seat and the lights dimmed. A slideshow started.

"Claire Gregory or what some may call her, Mrs. Carty, was last seen at the LAX Airport at 0837. She just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Tomorrow's her husband's birthday celebration," The slideshow flashed a picture of Claire Gregory, then a picture of gems. "The gems she've already gotten are hidden in West Hollywood High School, which is where you're going undercover. You are going to have to plan about how to get the gems. The gems are untraceable, that's why we need you to get them. Just because of the gems, it's got tight security."

The slideshow ended and the lights brightened again. "So I have to go undercover at a school?"

"You've heard me right, Oceana."