The results finally came out, and everyone picked the second option. Since the theme for prom was simple, I was planning to wear a dress, but one I could do somersaults in. Katlyn called and invited me to head to Venice Beach with the others. I crawled into a singlet and shorts since the day was unusually hot. I arrived at the beach and found my closest friends-including the guys- gathered around the skateboard area. The girls were eating ice-cream while they watched the guys flip around with their skateboards. I approached them, waving hello. Ashley saw me, and waved excitedly. She caught the rest of the girls' attention. Ashley gave me a big hug and I warned her about what would happen to her if her peppermint ice-cream hit my singlet. She laughed, and said, "This may be our last gathering before you guys go."

"What? Who's 'you guys'?" I asked.

"Neal's gonna transfer to another school too. He's only been with us for months now, just like you. It's just that he came first. Isn't this a coincidence? You guys coming and you guys leaving at the same time."

I looked at Neal, who was still riding on his skateboard with the guys. "Hey guys!" Leighton shouted. "Oceana's here!" I waved to them and they stopped. The boys hugged me, saying things like, "Little sister's going off", "I'm gonna miss you", and other stuff. Neal was the only one who stood still, not even hugging me. I opened my arms, gesturing him to hug me too. He wrapped me in his arms, his soft hug heart-warming.

"Isn't it weird?" He whispered in my ear. "This won't even be the last time you'll even hang out with me."

"I know," I replied. "We're gonna dance at prom next week. We still have time to hang out together."

"That wasn't what I meant," He said.

"Then what?"

He paused. I knew something was wrong. He stared out in the distance, and I tried seeing what he saw.

"Claire Gregory? What is she doing here?" I whispered to myself. I unwrapped myself from Neal, then started running towards her. Claire's guilty conscience must have kicked in as she panicked when she saw me. I took the chance to take her down, but forgot she had a security guard was with her. He knocked me onto the ground, trying to hold me captive. I was struggling. I kicked him in the gut and he let me go, too busy trying to resist the pain I caused. Neal ran towards Claire, who ran as fast as she could. The security guard got up on his feet again and I kicked his face, but didn't succeed as he held my ankle and twisted it. My body twisted too, and kicked his chest with my other feet. He fell to the ground, and I quickly took the opportunity to keep him like that by holding my feet on his chest. When he struggled, I placed my hand on his face hard. Neal came running back, panting.

"She was too fast. I couldn't catch her. Claire Gregory must be some athlete," Neal said.

I released the guard, and he came running to the direction the target was. I froze. "What? You're-"

"A spy? Yeah. I am. I'm working for the ISSA too. Sorry I didn't tell you about it."

"How did you even know about me?" I asked.

He pulled me back to our circle of friends. "I'll tell you all about it later."

Another spy in my case? Wow. Neal's my first spy partner.