"We'll have to warm up first the week before the capture. How about a run on the beach?" Neal asked.

I couldn't reply. He had those intense eyes every girl could melt under. I, included, was one of those girls and I was lucky to have him all to myself. It took a split second for it to sink in. "Oh, yeah. Sure. Great idea. Then we hit the gym the next day?"

He smiled as he nodded. His smile made me smile too, and when he cracked up, I'd do that too. It was like we were one, always getting along and always on the same line. He leaned down towards me and kissed my forehead. "Okay, sweetheart. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you," I could feel his lips moving as they lingered on my forehead for a minute.

"I love you too. I'll text you goodnight when you're in bed." I replied, feeling hot on my cheeks.

"No, I'll call you to say goodnight. I'll miss your voice by that time." He pulled back, looking me in the eye.

I pulled his face towards mine by the jaw and I gave him a peck on the lips. We waved as he drove away from the house. I entered my house again and ran to the couch. I could still feel his lips on my forehead, which made my smile a whole lot bigger. I held the pillow his head was on close to me and took a deep breath- he smelled like honeydew, and I loved it. I swear I could sleep through the drilling noise in the morning just because of Neal's honeydew scent.

"Oceana! Oceana Lyons! Open the damn door! I can see you inside!" Katlyn's voice was shouting. From outside. Why, why must people disturb beautiful dreams? "Ugh, what does she want now?" I groaned, lifting myself off the couch. I totally forgot to head to the bedroom to sleep. Ugh, that's bad. "Oh shit," I muttered as I looked at my cell phone.

51 misses calls. All from Neal. Gosh, this really is a serious relationship.

"Oceana, open the fucking door before I kick it down!" Katlyn's voice snapped menout of my thoughts again. I paced towards the door and opened the door, greeting Katlyn with a yawn. "Morning," I yawned. "What are you doing here so early?"

Katlyn can be really nice, but when she glares at you, her eyes get all glassy and it'll look like it's gonna shatter into pieces and they're gonna land in your eye, and that was the exact glare she was giving me right now. "Morning? Morning?! It's the freaking afternoon! To be exact, three o'clock! What have you been doing?"

"Sleep. Beauty sleep. Like, oh c'mon, it's one week before the whole prom. We've got to be extra careful with our eyes- wouldn't want ourselves to look like pandas, do we?" I lied.

She frowned. "Yeah, I guess you've got a point. Well, dress up. We're going out."

"Wait-what? I've got a run with Neal today and-"

"I talked to him about it and he said he's okay with it since he's been stealing you away from your friends. He says whatever workout thing starts tomorrow. Now, no more questions. Get changed."

"Okay...? Where exactly are we going?"

She sighed. "I said, no more questions. Just thought I'd give you a little treat since your birthday's next week. We found out about it through Neal. He was a little too eager when he talked about you. Okay, get your ass out of the living room and into the shower." She told me. I just stares blankly at her. "Now!"

I raised my hands, a sign of surrender. "Okay, okay!"