When I was young, my mother said there were no such thing as monsters.


She lied.

There are many types of monsters in this world...

...There are monsters who rape woman.

Monsters who murder children.

Monster who creep into your room.

Monsters who wield a bloody knife.

Monsters who torture the innocent.

Monsters who steal from the poor.

Monsters who drink the blood of humans.

Monsters who feel nothing for the pained.

...and monsters who are not who they say.

These are called liars.

Liars... are not like normal humans.

They are monsters.

Nightmarish creatures, who are born without any emotion.

They eat, though they cannot feel hunger.

They go to school, though they do not feel compelled to study.

And though they make friends, though they cannot feel love.

Monsters, you see, are very cunning.

They can fool you, until the moment you realize what they are.

Until the moment they devour you.

Then, they move on to the next victim.

And the next.

...And the next.

So, above all else, there is one thing


No matter what anyone else may tell you...

...monsters are very,

very real.