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I should have absconded when I had the chance.

I never would have gotten any closer, any more attached to her. I simply could have ignored the feeling until it grew bearable, or even better, just went away. We wouldn't be here; I wouldn't have had to sacrifice our friendship for just a little peace.

We could have stayed purely platonic friends, and she wouldn't ever have known how I felt about her. I could continue in blissful ignorance for three more years, playing "she loves me, she loves me not," giving the pulled apart flowers to her with a veil of irony and sarcasm. I would have been able to move on, find someone that could truly love and care for me.

I could have moved on and forgotten all about her.

Forgotten about her girlish laugh, her deep brown eyes; her slender fingers, forgotten about the way she would softly run her fingers through my hair when I cried. After all, that small gesture of affection never meant anything to her.

Why should it? She could never take a hint. I wish she could, that she could have figured it out before I had to blindly stumble into her and tell her everything.

But she couldn't figure it out. Her veil of sociopathy prevented her from seeing anything but an occasional glimpse of herself. But, seeing me? Completely out of the question.

Then, I screwed it up in a single night. I dropped enough hints that she began to piece it together. And I, knowing exactly of what was to come, engaged in the bliss of the moment, shoving that wise voice in the back of my mind and into the dark, forbidding closet.

After all, there was about to be a lot more room in there.

I didn't abscond. Instead, I continued to give into her prying, overjoyed that she was finally just noticing me. I was stupid, and it cost me the greatest friendship in my life.

Now, months later, when stress became too high to handle, my mind finally listened to reason, and now I am absconding.

But it was too late.

There comes a point where running away isn't enough.

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