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I'm doing Ken Livingstone for Labour today. The same rules apply – I'll try to be clear what's fact, I'll add plenty of links to my sources and other people's opinions.

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I'm going for the same structure as last week.

So, Livingstone has promised1 to…

– Reduce fares by 7% this year and freeze them in 2013. Drop single bus fares from £1.35 to £1.20

– Reverse Johnson's police cuts. (Johnson promises 1,000 more police, Livingstone promises 1,700)

– Set up a not-for-profit lettings agency. This would provide cheaper rents and secure tenancy (secure tenancy means you can't get chucked out of your flat).

– Accept money from energy companies to give Londoners free insulation, cutting energy bills

– Restore a London wide EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance)

– Offer grants for childcare to low-income families and interest free loans to families earning up to £40,000

Again, I don't think that you can judge politicians on just what they say.

Livingstone as Mayor, 2000 - 2008

- Under 18's free on busses and trams. Fares stable in real terms over eight years.

- Introduced the congestion charge and low emissions zone.

- Improvements to public transport. All busses now low-floored and more accessible, more frequent, and more bus routes. Extension to the DLR2, creating the London Overground3. Introduced the Oyster card4.

- There were less tube strikes under Livingstone (OK, Livingstone and the unions have similar politics, so agree more often. But, unlike Johnson, he did actually talk to them)5

- Supporting and celebrating a diverse London – racist attacks down by half, supported LGBT rights6, support for community festivals (inc St George's Day, St Patrick's Day, Vaisakhi, Eid, Diwali, Newroz, Hanukah), Rise7 (Europe's biggest anti-racist festival, London's biggest free gig)

Overall (my personal opinion, alright?)

Livingstone shoots his mouth off sometimes. He pushes through unpopular policies sometimes (even if I've agreed with them). He doesn't always do what he's promised. But, at the end of the day, I look at what he's promised, and I can't let the chance go. I'd prefer a Mayor who promises to do what he can to help lower-income families and the environment, but doesn't always succeed, to a mayor who doesn't seem to care about or understand the issues.

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