Nothing's Wrong

Five years of loving you off and on

And here you're telling me nothing's wrong

I know you too well to believe that

You don't believe me when I say nothing's going on

You don't understand how they mean nothing

You don't know that you're my everything

That you possess the power to break me

To crush my spirit and burn me

It's all in the words you choose

You could make me happy or deep in the blues

I've loved you so long

Don't you dare tell me nothing's wrong

Just tell me the truth

And I'll give you proof

That I really do care

That I need you more than breathing air

I'll show you that I'm worth your love

That we can be the perfect pair

Just looks me in the eyes and tell me what's wrong

With me you don't have to always be strong

So please don't say it's nothing

Because I know it's everything

Look me in the eyes and explain

I'll help you through it

And together we'll overcome it

But that'll never happen if you shut me out

If you say it's nothing I'd know about

That would break me

And I'd be forced to leave you

But I'd never give up on you

And I'd always stay strong

So if you tell me nothing's wrong

I guess I'll just have to go along

Pretending I belong

Saying nothing's wrong