"I told you FIVE times, once every month, what weekend it was and how much time you'd need off!" I yell at him, the wedding invitation in my hand, frustration and stress rising in my body.

"I'm SORRY! I was listening and I just miswrote what weekend, I'll just go anyway and take unpaid time off-" He tries to apologize, but it doesn't work.

"You can't do that! We are barely getting by and with the tickets I bought there's nothing left, you can't take unpaid time off! It's this weekend, surely they could change it-"

"If I could I would be calling and telling them to change it! I'm still new to them and they won't listen-"

"This isn't WORKING." I toss the invite down, everything inside of me just exploding.

A silence strains the air. We are both trying to figure out what to do next. But it feels obvious what we'll have to do, splitting is the only way. We'll have to break-up and move on. We've come so far in three years, I don't want everything to go to waste just because of this, but this wedding is important to me and I wanted the man I loved to be there with me.

There has been a strain in the relationship recently, we both got so busy with our work that some how we lost track of time for each other. Sex has just been mandatory, neither of us want it but we feel like it might help. Some time together no matter how it's spent. But it's been pushing us apart instead. I can't think of any way to salvage this relationship.

"I... I just can't... You need the money and this wedding is important to me. I don't want it to end, but we can't go on like this." I bring a hand to my face, a sob escaping my throat.

"... Lisa... I'm sorry... I really am." Henry tries, the mood calming but it's obvious everything is over.

"Henry, there's nothing left to it. We can't do this anymore... Here." I slide off the engagement ring he gave me eight months ago.

I was planning so hard and long, every spare second I got I was looking at magazines, online sites, anything. It was going to be my perfect wedding, with the man I love, and we were going to live happily ever after. The dress was still a bit of an issue, but I had everything else picked out and ready to go. And now, everything will be gone. My wedding is off and I will not have it. Luckily I didn't send out the invitations.

"... I wish we could do something..." He looks at the ring then he clenches his fist.

"We are miserable. There's nothing we can do. Look, I'll pack up this week, take extra time off and find an apartment quickly. You don't have to move." The silence returns, doom in the air.

"... Right.. I'm... going to go out." He heads to the apartment door and he grabs his jacket. He heads out and I hug myself and left myself cry when he's gone, my body crumpling to the floor, hurt and miserable.

We use to be so happy, three years ago, eight months ago, we were the happiest couple ever. We met accidentally, I bumped into him on the street, my coffee spilling all over his shirt. He was mad at first, he was on his way to an interview and it was important he looked the part of a good worker. I apologized then I took him to a suit shop and quickly got him a new suit, I bought it, and sent his clothes to the dry cleaner, I paid for it. I gave him my card and we parted ways.

He gave me a call that night and told me he got the job, saying the new suit really helped and asked me out for a celebration drink at a good pub he knows. I don't usually drink but I thought I owed him one more thing and agreed. It was the best night of my life. He invited his friends and I met them, properly introducing myself to everyone and to Henry.

He was extremely drunk and happy, he didn't have to go in until Monday and it was the weekend, so I brought him back to my place to avoid any accidents happening at his home. He was grateful, I was only tipsy, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. In fact, it was fantastic. It wasn't long after we got inside that we were in the bedroom making it hot and steamy.

In the morning he apologized, apparently embarrassed by what he did. I laughed at him and pounced on him for another around. We talked about everything on Saturday, between breaths anyway. We just clicked. It was so passionate and perfect I couldn't believe I didn't know him or this kind of love making before.

Sunday he was home, but texted me a few times with ideas for next time, I was working on cleaning my house, which was a mess by the time he left. I had to refill the fridge and I barely had any money left for anything else. But I was lucky to have it like that. I could have no money at all.

Within a week we were officially dating, as they say 'Facebook Official', and everyone was happy I was finally with someone again. I smiled happily at all the congratulations and I had to retell the story about fifty-seven times over the phone or texting or any other way possible. The girls ate it up and thought it was just so romantic, the guys were more expressing how they would have handled it, trying to be manly and all that.

We were so in love during that time, it's like nothing else mattered, just being with each other. His past was hard to make him talk about, but I just let him take his time. He told me bits and pieces before finally telling me the whole thing on our one year anniversary. And he cried as he explained every tragic detail. His life was death and Hell. I hugged him tightly when he finished and told him I was proud that he's still alive and hoping for a new beginning.

Year two is when it started getting busier. We still had times for dates then, still having date nights and all that. The strain wasn't there yet, because we understood we each had things we had to do, responsibilities that we have to pull through with. Love was still in the air and everyone was proud to have us still together. He proposed that we move in together, and it sounded like the right next step.

I moved into his place, some things put into storage, and I kept his house clean and food in the fridge. He had issues with house cleaning, he was a bit of a workaholic when he gets really into something he's doing. I made him snacks while he was working so he was always fed, and he was appreciative of it, smiling and eating it, multitasking.

And then nine months ago, after our two year anniversary, a romantic get away on a cruise in the Bahama's, the stress in our relationship appeared. It seemed to come out of no where. Suddenly I felt annoyed with the fact that he couldn't keep his own apartment clean. And he mentioned something about me suddenly being so 'nag-y'. We reconciled and went on a date on our usual night and he proposed. Everything seemed so much better then, the stress just.. disappeared.

It came back with vengeance, and took everything down. And now, we are splitting up and I'm moving. It's going to be hard explaining this to everyone, but there's no other way. We just don't feel the same way anymore. We are going different ways. We have changed. There are so many things I could say, but I don't know what it is that's true and what isn't. How am I going to explain something I don't understand?

I pulled on my green dress, zipping it up, my hair already up, make-up done. I make sure it looks good, a strapless affair with a bit of a shine to it, dark green but pretty. I pull on the green heels I bought and walk around in them for a moment, making sure I actually can, they are a hint higher than I usually wear. So far so good.

I've moved out of his apartment, the place I got now is still just a bunch of boxes, nothing else really there now, I had to leave the next day and didn't have any time to unpack. But now I'm in Florence, Italy and going to my sisters wedding. She fell in love with a pizza maker Italian while she was here two years ago and she hasn't left since. She's still getting the hang of Italian, but she's a lot better than she was before. Her husband is a lucky man, she'll go to the ends of the Earth just to be with him, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep him.

I declined being the Maid of Honor, I didn't have time to do any of the things I would have had to do, and she knew it. But she was still extremely disappointed and chose Noel's sister instead. She agreed happily. I'm just going to be another person in the pew's related to her. I'm planning on not telling anyone about the break-up for now. I want all the loose ties to be either cut or tied to something else so I don't have to worry about them.

Naturally my sister, Lilium, was beautiful as she walked down the aisle in her white dress. She was positively glowing with happiness and I couldn't help the pang of jealousy. She was going to marry the man she loves, she was going to be one with him forever and she was completely happy about it. I wondered how I would have looked on my wedding day, happy? Miserable? Maybe it would have looked like I was just forcing myself. I won't know now.

That weekend all I did was think about Henry and the past. I stopped occasionally to talk to my sister, threat my brother-in-law, and do other things, but Henry was constantly on my mind. And the way he looked so pained to see me go on Friday. There was only one other time I had seen an expression similar to that on his face. When he opened up to me about his past.

The more I thought about it the more I began to just miss him. The more I wished I could take back everything said and done. I didn't want to leave him. I want to make it work. I still don't have an excuse to tell people about why we split, why we are no longer together. And I don't know what he's told anyone if he's told anyone.

This feels so much more complicated than my usual break-ups. I cry for a while, eat a lot of ice cream and chocolate, then I get over it. But this doesn't seem as simple as that. It seems like it's going to take so much longer to move on to someone else. And I still don't want to leave him. I don't think that it was that we lost love for each other... Because I can still feel that warm, tender fire in my heart. And it's starting to grow as I'm away from him. I want to see him, I want to talk to him, I want to get through whatever this is. God, please, help us.

I close my car door, grabbing my bags from the trunk and shutting that. I lock the car then I head up the metal stairs and past the first row of apartments to the middle. I turn to the left down the hall, looking for the correct key among my key chain. My feet hit someones causing me to stop and my keys to fumble out of my hands.

"Ah- Sorry-" I look down at who it is and my heart stops, "H- Henry?" He looks miserable and like he hasn't shaven for a while, and he usually makes sure to do that every day. Stubble around or not.

"- Lisa... you're back..." He picks up my keys off his chest and he stands up, his clothes all rumpled and kind of dirty looking. I take my keys from him, nodding rather dumbly.

"What... are you doing here?" Some how hope rises in my chest and I just want him to hold me again.

"Lisa- I..." He takes a breath and runs his hand through his hair, "I miss you... So much. I know it hasn't been long but everything feels wrong without you in my life. I don't want us to split up. We'll talk it out, see some sort of therapist if we have to, but I don't want us to end. I want you to marry me and be mine, forever." His green eyes plead with my brown ones, and I just don't know what to do.

I burst into tears, I let go of my luggage and wrap my arms around his neck. I nod against his clothes, just wanting to be with him, like he wants to be with me. We'll make it through anything that comes at us. And we'll communicate better. We can't let this end, not after so long.

"Lisa... I love you, I really do." He wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me to him tightly.

"I- I love you too- H-Henry-" I stutter out, crying tears of happiness.

After that we did get married. And I was a happy, blushing bride. We started actually talking about issues we have, about things that we don't appreciate about each other and we have each been doing our part to work on fixing those bad habits. And now we are doing so much better, it's a happily ever after. Oh. And, I'm five months pregnant. It's going to be a girl.