Sheriff Good decided to take Sheriff Cline and Karen somewhere else on the Strip that day since she and Sheriff Cline were at the Hilton Hotel when he first arrived before Karen came out.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" Sheriff Cline asked Karen.

"No," was her answer.

Cline didn't say anything else so he decided not to argue with Karen.

"Where are we going today, Sheryl?" Sheriff Cline asked, now ignoring Karen.

"Since we were recently at the Hilton Hotel, I thought we would check out the other hotels here on the Strip and see if any of the slot machines have disappeared there too," Sheryl said.

"Good idea. I was going to ask about that," Sheriff Cline said.

"I thought we'd check out Treasure Island first, if you don't mind," Sheryl said to Cline and Karen.

"We don't mind," Sheriff Cline told her.

Karen spoke up.

"I know Las Vegas really well, Sheryl. I have an older brother who performs at the Hilton Hotel," Karen said.

"Really? What does your brother do here in Vegas?" Sheryl asked.

"He impersonates Elvis Presley by singing his songs. He's really good too. A big hit. He gets sold - out shows all the time," Karen replied.

"Wow. I guess I would have to see your brother sometime," Sheryl said.

"You should. His name is Jay McCarey."

"Thanks," Sheryl said.