Roberts 3

Sonnet 1

I woke up that day at early dawn

The sky and my future looked oh so dark

I was tired of being a little pawn

On the world, I wanted to leave a mark

It turned into a lovely bright warm day

So out there in the pastures I went walking

The leaves on the trees waved at me, it was May

I could hear the animals softly talking

That was when I saw those creatures of delight

They were so much more beautiful than any

A mix of purest cream and darkest night,

So very large, so luscious, so many!

What could possibly be more beautiful than a cow?

I could find nothing more charming now.

Sonnet 2

Ah! The sweet Beauty of a cow!

So very big and oh so very round,

More lovely than any silly old sow

Over lush clover fields they do bound

If only cows were all I could see,

Then maybe happiness I could find

Oh how very perfect it would be!

To leave those silly two-leggers behind!

Such very large yet perfectly soft noses

And those amazing full pink utters

They do not smell quite like sweet roses,

But we all know they make the best butters

All the things that make them so Bovine

To me alone makes them unbelievably Divine.

Sonnet 3

Such a well bred herd was never before seen

But there was one heifer that stood out

She looked proud and magnificent like a queen

Such sleek flanks and a perfectly formed snout

Her glory took all my breath away

At her fine figure I couldn't help but gaze

I hoped she would be all mine someday

And each day I could watch her peacefully graze

Maybe then my life could be complete

Free from all those feelings of pain and stress

All day we would just dance and constantly eat

All we would have to deal with would be the mess

Oh! My gorgeous little heifer, dear

Life would be as delicious as whipped cream if you were always near.