At the Thompson residence, Bill was sitting on his desk chair in front of the computer when the power went out.

Bill got up. He knew what he was doing - looking for Marlene. He needed her to turn the lights back on for him. He couldn't find Marlene anywhere in the house, so he gave up.

"Where is she?" Bill asked.

He knew Marlene didn't tell him where she would be and he had a guess so he wasn't going into town just to bring her back to turn the lights on.

His guess what that his African - American tenant was in town somewhere, hanging out with her teenage dates. He looked out the window. The rainstorm had really picked up now and big time. Both Bill and Karen had wondered when this storm was going to stop. Bill had a thought. He went to his remote control and hit the "ON" button.

That's when Bill noticed he couldn't find out about the five - day weather forecast on his white Panasonic TV. He had a second thought since electricity was out of the question. He headed for the kitchen table, and sat down in one of the light - brown chairs and carried a flashlight so he could see what the paper said about the weather.

Bill turned the black flashlight to the weather section in the newspaper. He saw it said: Today: Cloudy with rainshowers 40% including hail Tomorrow - partly sunny with wind Thursday - Sunny 66 degrees wind in A.M. Bill couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the weather report for the next three days.

"We'll wait and see about that," Bill said to the newspaper.

He knew daily forecast was not correct. He knew this as a fact. It made him wonder if the rest of the gang had seen the weather section in the paper. He'll just have to find out. He wondered what the weather was in Las Vegas where his friend, Steve Griswold lived. He guessed Las Vegas was sunny.

Bill heard the front door open and the screen door shut. He saw Marlene was now home.

"Hi, Marlene. Did you have fun with your dates?" Bill asked.

"You bet I did. We didn't really do anything because of the power outage," Marlene told him.

"I know. Can you turn the power back on for me again?" Bill asked.

"I'll try."

Marlene tried what she'd done before, which was stomping her left foot. That's when the power came back on.

"Thank you, Marlene. Did you see the weather forecast in the paper?" Bill asked.

"No. What is it?" Marlene asked.

Bill showed Marlene the weather section.

"Whoa," Marlene said after seeing the paper.

"I'm not believing it till I see it for myself."

Later that afternoon, Tina came home.

"Hi, Bill, Marlene."

"Hi, Tiny Tina," Bill returned as husband and wife kissed.

"Hi, Tina," Marlene greeted her.

"I have a question for you," Tina said.

"What's that?" Bill asked.

"If we're having a power outage, how did our lights turn back on?" Tina asked.

Bill didn't say anything, so all he did was look at Marlene. Tina finally figured it out.

"So it was you who turned them on again? Thank you, Marlene. Let's hope the lights will last longer," Tina said.

"Did you see the weather in the paper?" Bill asked his wife.


He was happy he was still holding the paper in his hand.

"Take a look," he said, showing Tina the paper.

Even Tina couldn't believe what she saw.

"Let's hope it happens like this tomorrow," Tina replied.

Bill and Marlene said nothing. Bedtime arrived quickly that night and Marlene was the last to go to bed so she turned the lights out.

Morning arrived. Weather stayed true from what Bill had seen in the paper the day before. To tell the truth, the power had stayed on. Bill saw there were no more power outages when he was the first one that morning to turn the lights on.

"Glad that's over with."

Bill was happy to know he and his friends no longer needed candles and flashlights. That won't be needed until next time. That's when both women came downstairs.

"I have news for you," Bill told the two women.

"What's that?" Tina asked.

"No more power outage."

Tina smiled.

"I'm glad that's over with. Now we can get rid of these candles and flashlights. We can use them for the next storm."

"Whenever that'll be, Tiny Tina. I'm sure the next storm won't be for a long, long time from now," Bill said.

"I'm sure you're right. I know one thing - I'm not going to miss this one."

"I'm with you," Marlene agreed.

"It's hard to date when there's a storm out there and you sure can't go to the movies."

Bill came back after putting the candles and flashlights away.

"We won't need those candles and flashlights until the next storm. Whenever that will be, right?"