Did you wonder why the parents weren't the least bit shocked in, "Suddenly," when their boys started to...suddenly...kiss? Well, here's why!

Part four of the Jason/Tommy series! Enjoy.

Gavin and Mellissa Choice. Tommy's mother and father.

Marcus and Jean Fever. Jason's dad and mom.

The four had been friends ever since the Choice's moved in when Mellissa was seven months pregnant with Tommy, and Jean was days away from her due date. After Tommy was born, the girls went to all kinds of mothering classes together, trying to figure out how to better mothers. They went shopping together, to pick out cute little outfits for their boys. When the boys were older, they all went to the park together, Mellissa and Jean gossiping and giggling as their sons tried to push each other off the playground.

Gavin and Marcus sat in each other's living rooms, shouting at the television while their wifes cooked, urging their favorite sports teams on, as if they could hear them through the screen. They barbequed in the backyard together, drinking beer and enjoying the good days. When their sons were born, they'd get them to play two on two games with them. Usually, the older men would side with their respective son, but sometimes, they'd gang up on them just a little, the two of them against their two inexperienced boys.

The point being, the adults were friends. They knew almost everything about each other, and never spilled anyone's secrets.

Unless of course, it involved their sons.

And this secret, one hell of a big one did.

They had talked about it before, the possibility of their boys being gay. Parents could sense these things. They only ever hung out with each other, spent the night at each other's houses often - it was almost odd for any of the parents to only have one boy in their house, it was either two or none - and if one payed close attention, seemed to wrestle just a few times too many.

It hadn't really bothered anyone, especially not the girls, who both had a history of fangirlism. And the men just weren't like that, the men who screamed at their son, hit them if they were gay, called them a faggot.

But they had no absolute proof, and then one day, Jason got a girlfriend, and then another and another. A real ladies man. Looked straight no matter which direction you looked at him from.

Tommy on the other hand, didn't get a girlfriend, didn't really hang out with anyone who wasn't Jason.

"I feel like it's our fault." Mellissa said one day, when all the adults were in the backyard, listening to their sons shouting at each other from the living room as they played video games. "If we hadn't made them spend so much time together when they were growing up, Tommy would be able to make friends easier."

"Oh, Emy, it's not that. I just think they aren't yet aware of it."

"The men had rolled their eyes at each other, like, "women."

They'd talked about it longer, but that was the last time, because after that, besides Tommy's pouting when Jason chose a current girlfriend over him, their was no proof.

Of course, the girls had made the boys promise that if they ever figured anything out, they had to tell.

"Yeah, yeah." Marcus had agreed with a light smile.

Gavin laughed and said, "I swear, you two won't be happy until they are gay!"

And that had been the end of that, until Jean suddenly called Mellissa over one day, giggling and ecstatic, saying she had to come over right away, and to bring Gavin. So, the couple had trotted from their house to the Fever's house, which was only about twenty feet apart. Jean and Marcus were in the kitchen, and Marcus shrugged when they gave him a questioning glance.

Jean ushered them to take seats, then couldn't hold it in any longer.

"You'll never guess what I figured out today!" she'd sang, and the other adults had looked at each other, shrugged, made lame, half-assed, smart-ass suggestions, then told her to spill.

"Jason and Tommy are going out!" she'd practically screamed, glowing from all directions.

"What?" Mellissa had screamed, jumping from her seat, followed by Marcus.

"Shh! The boys are upstairs!"

All the chatter stopped, as all four waited to see if there was any signs from their boys. It was quiet.

"How do you know?" Gavin had asked, and Jean giggled.

"I was doing laundry, and I went to ask the boys if they had anything they needed washed." There wasn't a blink when she mentioned doing Tommy's laundry. Both parent pairs were accustomed to cleaning the mess of both boys. "I didn't knock, because I didn't think..." she was quiet for a moment. "Well, I didn't think I'd see what I did!"

"What?" Mellissa asked. "What did you see?"

"They were on Jason's bed! Kissing! They were so...into it! They didn't even hear me. So I just got out, and ran to tell you!"

The four adults had spent the next hour laughing about it, and how they'd known all along, until the boys came down for dinner. Then they'd acted like nothing was different, totally natural, and their lovable but quite clueless boys hadn't sensed a thing.

Which was why, when their sons kissed at the hospital a few weeks later, nobody was surprised.

Just glad they could finally laugh about it out in the open.