Yeah, I wrote part five while I was at school today. And already planned out parts 6-11. There's gonna be more then that, I just haven't thought of them yet.

Ben- Why don't you just make this a freaking novel?

Me- Because, I love oneshots! Now, begone!

Ben-*rolls eyes* Whatever.

This is the re-edited version. Well, not edited, I just realized that this was in third person, and the rest were in first. So, I'm re-doing.

Might as well

I arrived at school late on purpose. The courtyards were completely and totally packed in the morning, and I didn't need all the staring, whispering and pointing just yet. No, I would put that off for as long as possible.

Which wasn't much longer, since now I had to go to first period, where tons of kids knew him. He was, after all, "Jason Fever's Best Friend Since Childhood." That had always pretty much been my title, my claim to fame.

But now, after last weekend, I was, "Jason Fever's Secret Boyfriend." It had happened at a party, that's when I had blown our cover. Because we were, in fact, secret boyfriends.

Or, had been secret, before me and my dumb self had blown it. Long story short, I'd kissed an unconcious Jason in front of pretty much the entire student body population. But, in my defense, I thought Jason was dead, or on his way at the very least.

Turned out, Jason was fine, more then fine, since he would be at school today, after only two days rest. So, the very public love confession I had made turned out to be a waste.


It wasn't a total waste, since Jason had confessed back.

So, we loved each other.


How wonderfully gay.

Another advantage was that our parents figured out, due to Jason kissing me back right there in the hospital room. There was no disgust, or anger. Quite the opposite in fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd thrown us a damn party.

But, every silver lining had a cloud attached to it, and going to school and facing his peers was it.

Luckily, at that moment, Jason appeared behind me, and he smirked gently.

"A little scary, huh?"

To me, that was an understatement. Sure, Jason and me were in this together, but I was worse off. Gay of not, nobody was gonna mess with Jason. He was like Hercules, strength, good looks and all.

I, meanwhile, while not stick skinny, and by no means wimpy, was defenitly a higher target for bullies. I sighed. Oh well, I could kick their asses on his own.

"Want to tell em I was drunk?" I half-joked anyway. If Jason wanted to go with that, I was on board. Jason looked like he might actually be considering it, but then he smiled.

"Naw. Everyone knows you don't drink."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, and you do?"

"More then you." Jason answered back with a laugh, ruffling my hair, then squaring his shoulders. He looked at me again, all seriousness now.

"Ready, Princess?"

I really needed to come up with a nickname for Jason too, one even more embarrassing then Princess. But now wasn't the time.

"Yeah." I mumbled, then again, but louder, trying to be more confident. "Yeah."

"Then let's go."


By lunch, I was exhausted. All day, people had been coming from all directions, asking dozens of questions.

Are you gay? Yes. Is Jason gay? Yes. Are you going out? Yes. How long have you been going out? Few weeks. Is it true Jazz walked in on you guys having sex? No. Have you guys had sex? No.

All day, all directions, and now, I just wanted to go to sleep. Go to sleep and dream nonsensical dreams. Sick of the staring, pointing, whispering, and question. Well, atleast nobody had called me a fag, thrown a rotten tomato at me, or shoved me in a locker. Not yet, anyway.

I spotted Jason, right in the center of the courtyard. Teens around him were pointing, whispering, the same stuff I'd been dealking with all day. It made me feel better to know Jason had had to deal with it too.

The moment I was spotted, by Jason and the classmates, the stares and whispers intensified, waiting to see what we would do.

"How was your day?" Jason asked as he came to a stop a few feet from me. I could barely believe it when Jason grinned, ever optomistic. But I couldn't help but grin back.

"Oh it went peachy. I pretty much told my whole life from begining to end. How bout you?"

"Same. Anyone give you a hard time?"

I couldn't hide my smile at Jason's concerned tone, but I washed it away quickly, not wanting to give the bystanders something else to whisper about.

"No, not yet."

"Well when they do, you tell me." he winked. I rolled my eyes.

"Please." I said in a disbelieving tone.

"Really! I'll always come to the aid of my Princess."

Jason raised his voice, so he'd practically shouted the last part. I blushed at the giggles that erupted around us.

"Don't call me that." I mumbled, staring at my feet. I felt a tap on my head, and when I looked up, I was surprised to see how close Jason was.

"Seriously?" I asked as Jason leaned toward me. "You're gonna kiss me in front of the whole school?"

Jason tipped my face up toward him, shrugging. "Might as well. We've already given em a show."

I was going to protest, wanted to, but I decided against it when he thought semi-hard about it. Our parents knew, our classmates knew, God was probably aware.

So I shrugged, and let Jason pull me closer, and wrapped my arms around him.

Might as well.

Max- Why we back here?

Me- Because I love you.

Ben- I thought you loved oneshots.

Me- And Max.

Ben- Not me?

Me- Not you. Oneshot and Max.

Polly- What about me?

Me- Oh okay, you too Polly.

Polly- Yay!