This is the Glossary for this collection of poems. They are organized chronologically instead of by the normal alphabetical order. These poems were written in Spring 2012.

1. Glossary (this is the page you are on right now…it is not a poem)

2. Stare At The Sun

3. RED

4. Reflections In The Glass

5. Pears' Soap

6. That Which I Have Observed

7. My TV Was A Radio

8. Footwear

9. Principle Of Confidentiality

10. Philosophy: A Poem Of Prayer

11. Chiffon

12. My Educational Foundations Building Is A Battleground

13. My Mind Is Blank

14. Chronic Masturbator

15. Memento Mori

16. Sonnet 1

17. Sticky Noted Tongue

18. Thyme Increment

19. Matrix

20. I Do Not Have A Penis

21. Mid-October Afternoon

22. Earthy Tones