I wish I could believe all that wasn't real
I wish I could see all the things that you thought
A big enough secret to keep with a seal
But there's no chance that I ever will
Because I've seen far too much, and frankly,
You should leave while you can still

I don't have the strength to leave you alone
I've always been a bit of a coward,
And I've started calling this godforsaken place home
Don't judge me for falling too hard too fast
It's your fault that you make yourself like that;
You've got the whole world in standstill just like that

With the eyes of a doe and a heart as fragile as glass
It's a wonder you didn't break sooner
But even if it did, it would only fall onto soft grass
You've been shaded and protected all your life
And I wish I was too, but you have no idea that
I'm jealous of you; I've always lived in strife

That's why you believe in magic and love
I've spent my whole life figuring out how to survive and
How to not hurt you, as delicate as a dove
You said that for my sins you'll be my redeemer,
So I'll believe all the fairytales you tell as my thanks
And I'll put rose-colored lenses on my glasses and call myself a dreamer