She holds herself tightly
as she silently cries.
No one ever loved her.
She's sick of the lies.

The weight on her shoulders
makes her fall down.
The depression smothers her,
and she begins to drown.

She holds herself tighter
in attempts to stop the pain.
The depression keeps her back,
holding her by a chain.

Taking away at all she once was,
depression eats her alive.
She tries so hard,
she tries to survive.

It gets heavier and she cries out in pain.
She's drowning in an unforgiving sea.
So she prays out to God,
hoping He'll hear her plea.

I am with you, my daughter...

And with that,
she falls asleep.
Never did she wake again,
for her soul the Lord did keep.

The Lord heard her prayer,
and saved her from her life.
In that one simple prayer,
He ended her strife.

So now she sleeps,
resting in Gods arm.
He's protecting her now,
keeping her from any more harm.

I am with you, my daughter...