Spirit, fire, drive, intensity



We are of these

We are the armies, and the teachers

Of the human ways

Our experience

And shall we suppress?

Shall we destroy and tread down?

Because of fire and spark and life

Should we steal aspirations?

Hopes, dreams, and fairytales

And replace them with our own?

Should we take youth?

Should we rattle and shake them into place?

Or should we trickle syrup onto their wounds?

Perhaps we'll bind them

Safe and sound

And trapped

Shall we cage the pretty songbird?

For fear of it's death between some feline claws?

Or will we allow it to soar?

What of those who are so wicked?

The grinning hyenas

They pace and circle

And they keep you scared

And your blood running ice

And soon you see a change

In your own loyal companion

And their joyful sounds become the screeching cackle

So you tighten the chains

And you add another lock

Will we take their stories?

And replace them with our own?

Will we tell them their magic is nonsense?

Our miracles, however, are the truth?

Will we trick them

To turn against one another

Man against woman

Girl against boy

Because we whisper falsehoods

That warn of the others cunning

And when they discover the lies

Or the exceptions

We will tell them not to seek comfort

Not to find companionship



Sweetest embrace

And when they discover it

Let us cast them out

Let us beat it from them

Steal and hoard

Shall we sneer at their attempts

Shall we wear our all-knowing smirk

And pretend to be virtue itself?

Let us deceive into foolishness

And see no flaws within

When such corruption stirs

In the minds of the defiant

But shall we, otherwise

Taste freedom?