You throw rocks at my window
And smile when I wave
I look down in wonder,
And 'tis the violin you start to play

You play a beautiful melody
And I start to fall into a trance
You know I love this song
I hold my arms in front of me and pretend to dance

You play the crescendos with a dramatic flair
And my heart tiptoes around questioning why you're here
The bow does a jig on the strings on its own
And you drive my heart through with a musical spear

I lean out the window and breathe in the wind
And not once do I doubt that you're here in goodwill
But once you stop playing I know something's not right
And there's a searing pain in my heart before I fall from the windowsill

I hit the ground and I'm almost gone
You run from sight, leaving me feeling utterly betrayed
But even though you've destroyed me without feeling any guilt,
Believe me when I say that you play a wonderful slaughter serenade