A Little Too Close

A dumb little slash story idea I wanted to write. This is nothing but slashy goodness, and cute and cuddly. Don't expect any super-massive drama here, just two adorable boys getting a little too close~

And yeah, I'm a yaoi fanboy.

EDIT: Wow, after looking over this, this is the cheesiest story I've ever written.


This was a bad idea.

The above sentence flashed in Emil's and Rick's heads as they realized that they had messed up badly.

Emil was on the left of the only bed in the hotel room, next to a small table with a lamp."You didn't tell me that the room was going to only have one bed."

Rick didn't really have any response. "I...I didn't know that it was only going to have one bed. They didn't tell me that." He blushed heavily and retreated back, being on the right side. The bed may have separated them but Emil could seriously move when he was pissed off enough. His short black hair obscured his eyes somewhat. He hated this "emo hair", but Emil thought it looked cool. And he always tried to make Emil happy. It wasn't because he was gay. He just liked making Emil happy.

Emil sighed and sat down on it. The two of them made an unlikely duo; Emil with his light blond hair, Rick with his dark black hair. Emil was the taller of the two by more than 2 inches-with a skinny bod that girls and even some guys were willing to die for. Rick was a world apart-short, but adorable to many girls. They loved to cuddle him and squeeze him and treat him like a baby. He hated it, but sometimes he secretly enjoyed the attention.

Rick edged towards the bed, uncertain if he should get on it or not. "Well...we were saving up money for the anime con, right? I decided to buy a cheap room, so we could nab lots of cool stuff at the con..." His voice trailed off, as even he realized how he had made a big mistake.

"Yeah, but now we gotta sleep together." Emil looked at him dissapprovingly. Neither of them wanted to admit that they had messed up.

Rick just stood in place, looking at the floor, counting out the individual strands of carpeting. He didn't want to look Emil in the eye. The cream-colored walls of the hotel room seemed very ironic, a calming setting in this situation of sheer awkwardness. "I...I'm going to go use the bathoom."

Emil laid back on the bed. It was plush, and firm. It'd provide a nice sleep, at least. "Go ahead, it ain't like I stopping ya'."

Rick slowly walked over into the restroom. The whole time, no one said a single word, leading to a stifling air of silence, only making everything feel even more awkward than it already did. The whole air felt like it was in the middle of the arctic.

Both of them knew that Rick didn't really have to piss, and merely wanted a brief respite from Emil, but Emil himself thought that pushing the matter any farther would result in fighting.

Emil sighed. "Ricky...Ricky..."

He looked over at the window nearby. It was near pitch black out. Most of the patrons would probably be asleep. Not many other people would have been awake at this hour. His watch read 10:45 PM. He was inclined to believe it.

There was almost no lights on outside. Indeed, the window faced the nearby hills and plains which had yet to be molested by urbanism. No light pollution meant many stars were visible, each lighting up the sky as if they were each a star in some grand cosmic play. The rollings hills were not as visible, but still could be seen, adding a serene quality to the view.

Emil clenched his fist.

He really didn't want to tell Ricky...those feelings.

He knew Ricky secretly wanted to reciprocate them, but both couldn't bear to do it. Why? To put up a facade of manliness? To blend into a society that disapproved of their sexuality? To delude themselves into thinking that they were "wrong" and must be fixed?

Emil clenched his fist even tighter.

No, it wasn't because of any of those things. They merely were immature, only 18-years-old, and couldn't deal with it like adults. So they merely hid it.

Emil laughed at his hesitance. "God, I'm a fucking idiot."


Ricky had been thinking of much the same thing when he had been sitting on a toilet seat for 5 minutes straight. The sheer cleanliness of bathrooms was an interesting counterpart to their true purpose. It reminded him of himself-how he and they both put a facade over their ugly truths.

No! He slapped himself in the head. He was an idiot, through and through. He had just compared his own bisexuality to the shit in a toilet bowl. God, how could he even have thought of that kind of comparison!

Maybe if he hadn't had been so damn quiet with Grigio, he wouldn't have felt this way now. But there was no going back.

He should make his feelings clear. No going back now. Not after having spent the past 3 years living with Emil and only Emil.

"Man...I feel like I'm stuck in a bad soap opera...and not the 'so bad it's good' kind either..."


Emil couldn't fall asleep, no matter what. So rather than force himself he merely decided to get up and pace the room. Ricky still hadn't come out. "Damn idiot...takes forever."

His eyes caught wind of Ricky's bag for the con. Apparently his cosplay outfit was in there. Normally Emil wouldn't've just peeked around, but what bad could it do?

He slowly opened the bag...and found a pair of lacy panties inside.

He actually recoiled back into the bedframe with loud thud. His head ringing with pain, he got up and looked in the bag again. Ricky was planning on cosplaying as a girl for the con. It made sense-he had a waifish figure, after all. But this was still surprising.

That's when Ricky decided to come out of the bathroom.

The two merely stared at each other for several seconds. Neither was willing to break the silence with words, and were merely content just staring at each other in dumb shock. Each one tried to mouth words, but no sounds came out, just small gasps of shock.

Ricky broke the silence after 10 seconds. "You...how could you go in my bags..." He choked out the words.

Emil blushed and dropped the bag. "I...uh...I mean...well...I guess..." He could do nothing but mumble.

"You...you probably think I'm some kind of creepy bastard, right? Right?" Ricky started to cry, tears coming out of his large eyes. "I-I wanted to cosplay as a-a g-girl, so I could get with guys and not feel bad about i-it..."

"...Because you like guys that way, eh?" Emil smirked.

"Yes...you probably think I'm some kind of horrid fag, don't you?" Ricky just stood in place, wiping tears from his eyes.

"No." Emil stood up and walked over to Ricky. He was so much taller...so much. Yet, he didn't feel as tall. Whatever the case, he decided to go ahead and just do it. Lying to yourself for years gets tiring, eventually. One day, you simply would have to take the plunge, instead of sitting around scared if you won't make it. "It's okay."

Ricky looked up at him. "Why...because..."

"...I'm kinda bi, myself."

He grabbed Ricky's face and gave him a long and passionate kiss on the mouth. Ricky was too stunned to respond at first, but he soon found himself too entranced, too happy, to push Emil off. He merely grabbed Emil and returned the favor. The two spent at least half a minute in their embrace, each one so happy on the inside for finally being true to themselves.

After they were done, Ricky looked up to Emil, too happy to even think of crying. "Let's go to bed. We got a long day for us tomorrow!"

"Yeah..." Emil said, thinking of the upcoming convention. "Let's."

They went over to the sole bed in the room, and fell upon it, hugging each other in a loving and adorable embrace as they went to sleep.