"I still remember it, you know," I said, sighing as I leaned my back on the wall behind me.

You did the same on the wall behind you, right across me, so now we were staring across each other. Then you folded one of your leg and brought it up to your chest and rested your palm on your knee. "Remember what?"

I gazed toward the field in front of us, feeling the rush of flashback that were going to have a visit to my mind. Again. "I don't know. Everything, I guess."

"Like what?"

"Like... like the first time we talked?" I offered, more like questioned. And then I let a grin spread out on my face. "I also remember the first time we ever talked through instant messages. You were interrogating me about... my crush on your friend. And then I began teasing you about the girl you had a crush on. And everything. Silly."

You laughed along with me. "Yeah. I kind of remember that. I was the one who texted you first, yes?"

"Yep. I even have the proof here on my phone," I said, nodding. "It was a shock that you actually knew my number all along. And kind of creepy in some way," I joked.

"Why was it?" you asked, raising your eyebrows at me, the edge of your lips curled upwards to form a slight smile.

"I don't know. I thought you hated my guts; I thought you didn't care about me."

"I never hated you," you said softly, "and I cared about you. I still do. That was why I asked about your crush on... him," you said, wrinkling your nose, feeling uncomfortable mentioning your friend. "Maybe, at first I disliked you... but you did too."

I rolled my eyes and smiled.

You sat up and moved, scooting closer to me. You finally settled down beside me, our shoulders barely touching but you still kept a fine distance between them. You respected me, and I appreciated you for it.

"I never actually got rid of those conversations, you know," I told you, chuckling. "Like... even the first one! I've been saving them since the first time we talked."

You actually looked surprised. You turned your head toward me and widened your eyes. "Really? All of them? There are hundreds, hell, even thousands of them."

"Yeah, really. It's kind of stupid but... I guess I just can't bring myself to delete them because...," I shrugged, "because I knew someday they'd be important to me," I said, rolling my eyes to hide the fact that I was blushing. But my voice softened, "I guess I was right."

You tore our gaze and smiled, staring straight at the scene in front of us. "Thank you."

I looked down at my lap. "What for?"

You shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant yet still stumbled for an answer. "For being... you. You've always been a good, caring girlfriend to me. You're never afraid to show that you love me. So very unlike me," you chuckled. "I just... sometimes I think I can never show you enough how much that I love you too, and..." You sighed, still locking your gaze on the field. "I don't know. I'm terrified that someday you'd run away because I can't be good enough for you. I wish I can protect you better. From any kinds of pain."

I smiled at this. Just as I whipped my head in your direction, the corner of my eye caught a movement of something whizzing toward me. A realization hit me-it was a ball. A ball someone kicked out from the field. A ball racing toward me and going to smash into my head in no time.

I didn't have the time to freak out because the ball was already smacked away from my head.

For a brief moment I closed my eyes, waiting for the dull ache in my head that didn't come. And then I finally open them, only to see your arm reaching out in front of me, shielding me from any kinds of pain, including the damned ball that almost attacked me.

You looked shocked at what had just happened, just as I did. We both stared at each other before you dropped your arm to your side nervously, and then we both began laughing, as if my near-death-experience was actually funny and something to be laughed at.

I put my hand on yours, squeezing it reassuringly as our laughter died down. "You protected me alright."

I've been really sappy lately, but I hope this one isn't too bad. Reviews are greatly appreciated :)