The Mystery of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn

Twas in the year Twelve Fifty Four

Through every casement hole and door

The rats came pouring, squealing Gnawing.

In the kitchen! In the Loo! Over the master

having a poo!

Oh what a to do. The cook's all a quiver.

Black rat stew's not on the menu.

Oh me! Oh My! She cried.

They're nasty! They're smelly

They make me shiver!

A council was called The best minds in Hamlyn

A solution was need. But one that was cheap.

Then stepped forth a minstrel A jolly looking

fellow. Clad in in a suit both red and Yellow.

Honoured Alderman so noble and true.

Your problem I have the answer too.

Who pray, stranger are you? That enter here

Without a How do you do?

The Pied Piper I'm named and I sir

can rid Hamlyn of it's rats.

The council both Merchant and Burgher

Huddled together, conferred in a corner.

Dare they trust this fifer so guadily dressed

To charm every last rat from it's nest

The council so sagacious! So wise

Would asked of the piper for his

service and time What is the price?

My price it is cheap A mere forty gold marks

But heed yea well to this warning and harken

Do not try to cheat me of payment with larks

or deception. Else all Hamlyn will weep for

a lost generation.

All Hamlyn rejoice Your price we think fair

When the rats you've destroyed Not forty

We'll pay but fifty be there.

The piper his flute to his lips he did raise

The tune that he played was full of praise

It called to the rats with a promise of love

Sang to those below and above.

Out they all tumbled. Squeaking excited.

Their voices thundered and rumbled. From

every cubby hole and nesting. Even the babies

ceased their breast feeding.

The music was calling. Like the song of the fey

They couldn't ignore it They had to obey.

Follow the chorus. Thru' gate. lea and torus.

Down to the river It's torrent a gushing

Onward! Ever onward. Into the rapids a rushing.

Down to the depths The rats all went washing

Til narry a one was left in the town to tarry.

The piper his flute he did lower and back

to Hamlyn He strolled for his sack.

There was much rejoicing and the people did cheer

All but the Alderman. They gathered to hear

The piper his payment demand. Fifty gold marks

The price agreed. But then all went quiet as the

Stately old mayor now formally decreed.

Fifty gold marks? What rubbish indeed?

Here's five phenings now be gone rascal

Before I summon the town bede!"

My warning thou did not harken.

See now how the skies do darken

Behold the wrath of one deceived.

Forever now be Hamlyn grieved."

Out of every house they came

Children laughing! Children dancing.

Happy, singing All behind the piper prancing.

Mother's desperate! father's grabbing. Trying

To still their offspring. Make them stay, make

stop! Alas the despite their efforts they did not

Faster! Faster Ever onward behind the fifing

Pied Piper Skipped away all Hamlyn's young

Out from the town in a cloud of dust. Entranced

Away with out a backward glance.

Down the valley Thru the forest up the mountain

Hard pressed many sought to follow. But as night

Came down Of the children all sight was lost

As into a crack in the mountainside they passed.

All but three were gone forever. One a cripple

One unsighted and one so deaf the music he never heard

And now with the passing of the years. Hamlyns grief

Lingers still As oft through the night There comes from

Afar the tinkling sound of the Piper's fife.