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Cold, emotionless eyes seemed to glow in the growing darkness. "You won't stop me." The voice, familiar and yet strange, made his hand shake and sweat broke out along his brow. "Stopping me means becoming me…and you don't have the strength for that."

"Please…Please I'm begging you…don't make me do this."

A bark of laughter, harsh and acidic, set his teeth on edge and his skin crawled. "You know your options." Footsteps approaching, slowly, meticulously. A predator stalking its prey. "Step aside or stop me."

One more step. Then another. By the fifth step he knew he had no choice. There was nothing he could say to dissuade the other. He'd been trying so hard to do that from the beginning of this nightmare. He'd begged. He'd screamed until he was hoarse. But nothing had worked. There was no reasoning with a monster.

His hand was still shaking as he lifted it. Metal cold against his sweaty palm. He watched a twisted smirk cross that pale face. A taunt. Like a little child chanting 'Do it' over and over again. He swallowed thickly, trying to force down the bile that was even now climbing high in his throat. The world seemed to slow down and for the briefest moment he glimpsed humanity in those cold eyes. But the moment passed as his finger tightened around the trigger.

The echoing roar of the gunshot rang heavily in the air, but all he was able to focus on was the crimson spray. The choking sputter of a living being attempting to draw a breath through a ruined throat. He watched, in a mix of shock and horror, as bloodstained lips twisted into a grotesque smile. And as the life drained from those cold eyes, his own rolled back into his head and his body fell as the darkness took him.