"The Exotic Monkeypox" by German Power, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Asked if she knew her father in person, she said: "I don't know him and I don't ever want to know him because he does not care about me and my other sibling, my younger brother. My mother is still alive and she lives in our hometown".

The Exotic Monkeypox

As they were sitting wrapped in towels, managing their coal in the middle of a stuffed place, Emily Kennedy, Leanne Clark and Oliver Robinson were considering their alternative sin life.

"I know for sure that the animals are sought by trade for several end uses." Oliver managed to see Leanne's nipple and got immediate penis erection, his balls aching for some unknown reason. Emily noticed his erected penis and giggled since Leanne was the Alpha-female currently. "Pelts have been traded for centuries …", Oliver had to flick his stiffy couple of times to get limp again, "… and Europe was once a major market for some Asian species, such as spotted … striped cats …", Oliver realized it was no use now since even a fair glance at Leanne invoked recent memories, "… to make into luxury clothing." Emily giggled, pointing to Leanne at Oliver's proudness, "… Demand for pelts has driven massive recent declines of otters across much of mainland South-east Asia, and some large reptiles' skins are heavily traded but …", Leanne licked her lips and then smiled at Oliver, leaving him stranded in his unconscious desire, "… overall …", Oliver frowned, realizing he'll probably have to help himself out again, "… rather few animals are primarily traded in the region for skins."

They sweated some more of their fatness, coal comfortably adding to the heat.

"Live captives of some animals are sold into the pet trade, notably various reptiles and fish." Oliver realized it was only him talking about the topic. He lowered his jaw, eyeing Emily.

"I know that very large, dangerous, animals are traded heavily as trophies, such as wild cattle heads or horns." Emily scratched her vagina underneath the towel and then smelled her hand, apologizing to Oliver and giggling to Leanne.

"That's right." Leanne leaned back, staring at the red heat in front of her. "Certain species are highly sought by medicine factories, which use extracts of these animals in their pills and potions." Oliver flicked his stiffy again couple of times. "But the highest volume of animals moving internationally through South-east Asia is probably for the 'wildlife meat' trade."

"Meat trade?" Emily rubbed her vagina couple of times, Smelling her hand afterwards, ignoring Oliver's animal instincts.

"That's right." Leanne slapped Emily's hand as if she was a teenager. "This is not simply for consumption of sufficient calories, or even protein." She sneered with a lustful smile at Oliver who was definitely loosing his sexual battle. "The wildness is felt to confer strength upon the eater. Thus, the trade has elements of medicinal use."

"Strength upon the eater?" Oliver added sarcastically, realizing to his macho disappointed that he was not going to get the needed massage.

"That's right." Alpha-female continued. "Many sorts of mammal and reptile are particularly favored in this 'tonic' trade." Oliver rubbed his penis underneath the towel, then smelled his hand and Emily burst into laughter, her eyes flashing. "Birds are much less in demand, although some species are perceived as powerful. Prices differ between species, of course, with animals such as turtles and pangolins as or more valuable per unit weight as the well-known tigers and bears."

"Pangolins?" Oliver yanked out, feeling burnt out by desire.

"Yes. They are DNA mutated lab experiments of some Paleozoic animals." Leanne exhaled, testing the tightness of her white towel. "The total volume of trade has greatly risen in the last three decades and during that time the relative popularity of species has changed somewhat." Someone knocked at their door and they shouted him out. Oliver felt better since he would have otherwise shrunk to the size of Peter Pan's fairy. "This is not so much through fashion, but is a necessity driven by the massive rapid depletion of species …" Leanne realized that Emily and Oliver were exchanging secret glances and she almost groaned in protest, wishing to dominate in the confined space. "As some become so rare as to be unavailable to most consumers, other species take their place." Someone was taking a shower and singing outside of their spa. "For example …", Leanne rubbed her vagina and smelled her hand after it, laughing at Emily and winking at Oliver like some puberty stricken girl, "… in the early 1990s …", she was having a hard time controlling her laughter, "… porcupines were of little interest to the high-value, long-distance trade …" Another girl peeked in but both Emily and Leanne shouted her out. Oliver felt slightly better, his chances of nabbing either of the two females improving for a fraction. "Now …", Leanne snorted at Emily, realizing Oliver was having yet another one of his imaginative contemplations, "… they are among the most sought animals."

They listened to some girls laughing through the walls, probably taking either a swim or a shower.

"Similarly …", Leanne realized that she was aging, "… covert surveys of reptile markets in southern China have observed a shift in species as the years pass …", she shuddered as if after crying, "… the source countries of the species are becoming ever more distant from the markets, as the closer areas are effectively hunted out."

They watched the burning coal with less desire now, sweating less and less for some unknown reason.

"Parrots, reptiles and other small animals such as hedgehogs and sugar gliders are often mistakenly thought of as easy 'starter pets' for children." Oliver continued on. "The truth is …", he eyed Leanne then Emily, "… these small exotic animals require very special care and maintenance and veterinary costs can be extreme." He paused, rubbing his nose into a small towel. "When people discover that they are unprepared or unable to provide for their exotic pets' costly needs, these animals are often abandoned or die from inadequate care." He tapped with his fingers against the smooth wooden surface underneath. "Furthermore …", they listened as some girls were going wild behind the door, "… many of these animals are shipped to pet stores over long distances, which can be very stressful and cause illness and injury to the animals before they reach the sales floor."

"Leanne?" Emily shoved Leanne slightly since Leanne was slipping into some daydreaming that resembled narcoleptic coma for a short, but frightening moment.

"Knee-jerk reactions aside …", Leanne yawned, feeling sleepy, "… programs like this are generally not economically viable." She checked on Oliver, acting like a she-male. "Typically …", Oliver wondered if she ever pretended to be she-male in some deviant bed lapse, "… a recipient has to pay the cost of the drug test and they will be reimbursed for the expense if they pass." She felt for her breast, remembering how they used to be firm before the world-wide economic crisis. "But the problem arises in the simple fact that the vast majority of people receiving state aid are not on drugs …", she paused, eyeing Emily and making Oliver go nuts for being ignored, "… so the state has to reimburse a lot of people for a lot of passed tests. And this ends up costing a lot of money."

"I know that Florida is an often cited example of this situation …", Emily felt for her Area 51 again, wishing to avoid alpha-female's visual grip and perhaps mate with Oliver tonight, "… they implemented mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients and it proved to be a rather substantial net loss for the state …"

"And only a very, very small percentage of those tested actually failed …" Oliver concurred, wishing to overcome Leanne's hormonally superior behavior.

"They had previously implemented a similar program before and scrapped it because it too was losing them money a decade ago."

"That's what I've heard too …" Oliver made a nod, wishing to lower Leanne's powers to a comfortable level.

They listened to a lone male's pheromone "I am singing in the rain" call towards girls in the other area of the massage parlor.

"And unless adequate state support exists for rehabilitation, I find it unconscionable that anyone would wish the safety net be pulled out from under anyone who does fail." Oliver continued, his voice thinning as his testosterone level went on strike.

"They fail?" Emily pretended she was a pupil again.

"Oh, yes. A failure and the cessation of assistance will not make someone get clean or decide to get a job though, but it would send them to the depths of poverty which typically leads to a host of tremendously worse social problems." He cleared his throat, wishing there was more heat so that his balls won't shrink. "'A hungry man is an angry man', after all. Oliver intersected his eye laser beam with Leanne's inviting blue eyes.

Later on, after they got showered and ready to go, Oliver continued, wishing to hide his physical imperfections and attract Emily to his limpy.

"Holding out blind hope for the magical appearance of new jobs and the reappearance of growth in the economy is a fool's faith." He pressed electronic key of his car, wishing to show off. „'Politicians who think that merely chanting the incantation 'jobs, jobs, jobs' will bring them and the economy back are fooling us if not themselves." Leanne looked at Emily giving her a secret female signal that only guys with small limpies show off with their cars. „When at least a tenth of Americans are out of work ...", Emliy knew that she still needed some masculinity in her bed to satisfy her bodily needs, „ ... for Wall Street to get momentarily giddy at the creation of 117k jobs is cognitive dissonance at its best." Leanne reazlied that Emily wa shugging her apologetically, wishing to ride with Oliver. Oliver's tone and overall tenure improved almost immediately. „No one can make jobs out of thin air. Jobs will not come back. A few new jobs reappearing won't fix anything." He threw one victorious stare at Leanne who unlocked her cheaper model.

„What about the retail though?" Leanne suddnely reazlied her pussy would be left dry if Eric refused her sodomy.

„What do you mean?" Oliver could feel Leanne's pheromonic jealousy in the air.

„I mean ... borders. Circuit City. Sharper Image. KB Toys. CompUSA. Dead. Every main street and every mall has empty stores that are not going to be filled." Oliver checked visually on some blondes, realizing that Emily was laready opening her window, comfortably lenaing to Leanne. „Buying things locally for immediate gratification will be a premium service because it is far more efficient ..." Leanne's voice almost trembled realizing that even Emily, with her pink nipples, has deserted her. „In terms of inventory cost, real estate, staffing ..." Leanne now was scared even more sicne some guys were looking at her as an elderly girl. „To consolidate and fulfill merchandise at a distance. Wal-Fart isn't killing retailing. Amarzon is. Transparent pricing online will reduce prices and profitability yet more. Retail will be more efficient!" Oliver did not share her opinion and wished to start his engine as soon as possible.

Emily waved at Leanne and Ms. Clark shuddered once more, imagining sexual deviance with Emily.

After they left old tart behind them, Oliver was glad that he got a younger doe after all.

"I think that Leanne was concerned about the retail business …" Emily knew she had to add some words in Leanne's defense since Oliver was not always around and those long, winter nights could be so dull and boring …

"Don't fill potholes. That won't fix the economy. Instead, we should be investing in the entrepreneurs who will create jobs ...", he honked at some old perk, „... if fewer ...", speeding car passed him by, wishing to lower his macho-pride, „... and wealth ...", he swerved, avoiding some old granny pressing on her brakes in the middle of the road, „... greater ...", he checked in his back mirror as some teenagers slammed into the back of that old hag's vehicle, „... thanks to platforms and efficiencies." He smiled patronizingly at Emily, almost apologizing for being older from her. „Invest in education of our youth and our unemployed. Invest in efficiency ... energy efficiency, for example." They stopped at the red traffic light, sounds of police sirens echong somewhere behind them. A suicidal student from Pakistan or Bangladesh was staring towards them.

„You think that Leanne is gay?" Oliver could not resist the feeling. Emily snorted, staring outside at some large mansions.

„I hear there are people who are born gay, damn it …", she glanced at Oliver, wishing she had a chewing gum or somethin', "… gay is gay full stop, whether you were born gay or conceived gay or raised gay muuhfucka …" some black African Americans were giving them a long stare as they drove along, "… you are outrightly gay if at all you came out of your mums womb with legs first now I can buy that idea of being born gay …", Oliver noticed that Emily had a froth of bile forming in the corners of her small and tight mouth, "… and please contact me so that we can fight for your rights, otherwise am so homophobic that the other day a friend of my friend confessed he is gay …", she offered her middle finger to some burly truck driver that grinned widely in sado-masochistic way at her, "… I felt shnit go back from my rectum into the stomach in fear …", Oliver noticed that erratic empathy that followed those who dared to try the same sex experience, "…or rather in fear of an incoming blockage …", Emily was acting in a nervous way now and Oliver wished he could nail her right there to fulfill his bodily needs with no care at how is the opposite side going to feel about it, " … and God forbid … ouch!"

"What?" Oliver realized something pinched Emily's white skin.

"A needle?" Emily grinned at the item, staring at Oliver.

"Probably fell out from one of those cheap shirts I bought at Flaming Singh's Apparel store.

There was a sign for Portland and Emily remembered how sad Leanne looked as she stared hungrily at her, watching her leave with Oliver Toliver.

"I heard stories of Portland having underaged sex industry …" He remembered Charles' invitation to bang one those illegal girls from China that offered more for less.

"It is no secret that Portland has a thriving sex industry, both legal and illegal." Emily was bored now and wondered what made her go after Toliver. "And while Portlanders are known for respecting sexual freedom …", some speeding motorcycles rushed by, "… the city also has a less-than-savory reputation as a hotspot for those seeking sex with underage girls."

"So I was right then!" Oliver realized now that he felt like a fool for not trusting Charles.

"In an FBI-coordinated, cross-country sting in February, local and federal law enforcement picked up seven underage girls in Portland within four hours." Emily sounded like some kind of TV reporter now and Oliver frowned at her, wondering if someone unclean spirit entered her body all of a sudden. "This put Portland in the number two spot for underage prostitution out of 29 cities that participated in fact …"

"Which on is the number one then?" Oliver wished to spend his savings on quality after all …

"Oh …", Emily sneered, realizing that every girl over 21 was already aging due to the world economic crisis, "…Seattle was number one." She paused, scratching her vagina. "In each city, officers set up 'meets' in various, undisclosed locations with girls suspected of being trafficked."

"How do you know all that?" Oliver remembered the ordeal within the spa and got excited he got some female flesh in his personal vehicle.

"Oh … my aunt, Better Anne Steal is FBI Portland spokesperson."

"Ahm … interesting …" Oliver noticed some neo-Nazis were following him on the safe distance, wishing him dead by accident.

"When they arrived …", Emily noticed that Oliver was checking his back mirror more and more, "… the girls were moved to safe locations and adult prostitutes, pimps, and johns were arrested."

"Johns … arrested?" It was obvious now that Oliver went pale in the face due to the imminent fear from the European spies behind him.

"Yes. Portland Police Vice Officer Mahogany Burlykeep says the vice squad picks up one to two underage girls walking the street each week."

"Each week?" Neo-Nazis passed them by, their mean glances saying "Catch ya later, cowboy and cowgirl …"

"That's right!" Emily almost sneered openly at Oliver's lack of self- respect. "These girls are not arrested …", some lonesome hunters were staring at her, bile wetting their wolfish mouths, "… they are treated as victims, not criminals, at least according to that aft witch, Burlykeep." She paused, waiting for hunters to back off. Finally another turn separated them. "When police find a girl, they often cannot immediately remove her from the streets because she's afraid to talk to authority figures."

"Oh?" Oliver realized there was some congestion ahead and he swore silently, wishing to bend over Emily as soon as possible. He was horny like a Canuck.

"The officer must first gain her trust, which might take weeks." Oliver's mind raced now, thinking about the alternatives. He wondered why would it take weeks for a job so easy … "And when she is ready …", Emily continued, "… the police will return her to her home or take her to the Erogenous Youth Program's Reception Center in Northeast Portland …" Oliver twisted his lip into a challenging curl, staring at Emily and wondering if she would accept one hand job in the car perhaps, "… safe space where youths picked up by the police for nonviolent offenses like running away or trespassing wait for their parents or a caseworker."

Congestion ahead was soon over and they were closing towards Oliver's dwelling area.

"In Portland …", Emily realized that her female pride will soon suffer, "… there are catch-all youth shelters, such as Henry's Mother Effs, actually just one part of Erogenous Youth Programs, and …", to elderly ladies smiled at her and she waved them back, wondering what was that all about, "… youth aid groups, such as 'Outside and Inside'." She cleared her throat, getting ready for all possibilities with Oliver. "There are nonprofits to help sexually abused and exploited women …", Oliver parked his and she stepped out, eyeing Mr. Robinson, "… such as SUCC, and prostituted women, such as the Lola Greenery Balding Foundation and the Pro-European Council for Prostitution Alternatives." She paused, realizing Oliver was already embracing her and offering her one wet and unexpected in front oaf the inquisitive neighbors around. "But there is no comprehensive or secure facility specifically tailored to underage girls forced into prostitution."

Oliver unlocked the door and swung door wide open.

"Welcome …" He uttered, checking behind Emily to see whether some of those pro-Europeans dared to peek at him.