It's not for you

Merlin- no

Under no circumstances

What d'you take me for?

It's merely about you

See the difference?

Were it for you

It wouldn't be like this

It'd be gushing

With wordy flourishes

Glorifying those pretty eyes

Likening them to chocolate

And then wondering 'bout the hair

Jet black, tightly curled

(does it ever unravel?)

Well, I'm not doing that

I'm not glorifying you

Am I?

And don't you dare nod

'Cause that's not what I'm doing

When push comes to shove,

My word is law

And I declare that it's not for you

If it were,

I'd say-

Author's Note: This was written to prove to S that what I write is usually merely about R… and not for R… Do I see a transformation lurking just beyond the horizon…?