The boy blinked, watching the hazy swirls of grey and blue.

So, you've woken up. Good, good." A voice said. It was slow and gentle and I wrapped around his mind, soothing confusion.

"Now, stick your tongue out if you c'n feel this."

Feel what? The boy wondered. A blur of silver sifted through the mess of colors, heading down just below his field of vision.

"Nothing? No pain at all? Or maybe you just can't move your tongue. Ah, I suppose it doesn't matter."

The boy blinked again and tried to look at the source of the voice.

He couldn't move.

"Well now, son," the voice started and the silver blur moved in and out of sight, bringing glinting reds and pinks with it. "You've gotten yourself in quite the situation."

Situation? "Taking that girl and doing all those horrible things to her…" What girl? "And then to display the evidence like that. You've got guts, kid."


"Heh, but I knew that already. I c'n see 'em."

No. No, no, no, no.

"Wouldn't have pegged you though, but Sheriff Rodney's never been wrong yet."

Oh, God, Please no.

"I would have that it'd be a bigger guy or at least a grown man instead just a whelp like you."

It wasn't me.

"S'pos that's why I'm just a doctor."

The boy felt his fingers twitch.

"Interesting punishment, wonder why the sheriff cho- Hey now, what're you cryin' about?"

Then his knees.

"You shouldn't even be able to cry, not with all the meds pumping through you…"

The boy's body started in violent tremors and he could feel the warmth of his own blood as it spilled out his throat. His mouth opened to gasp and scream.

No sound came out.

The boy flung himself from the table and grabbed the medical light shining at him.

The doctor swore and pulled a knife off the counter.

Blood splattered the walls.