Abstract Art

Who made Picasso the director of my life?

My canvas is smudged and abstracts something

So fierce I can't even begin to understand.

A simple stroke of his brush, a beautiful disaster.

My world crumbles a little more, He sighs, "A Master Piece!"

I scream at the hideous remains.

To me, all I see is a blob, a smear, a never ending

Puzzle in which I have to live.

He see's beauty. If you look through his eyes, do

You see it too? Design? Strength, maybe?

I don't know I don't care.

I'm left in this painting, fighting it off, this disfiguration.

You say Art! You say It's so pretty!

You're on the outside.

Come live in canvas a moment,

Feel what I do, live in my mind, my heart.

Say its Art then, tell me of its beauty.

This disaster with a creator smiling proudly.

Authors Note: My deepest apologies if it's A) not spelled Picasso, blame spell check.

B) If he's not the famous abstract artist. I don't remember much about

Art class. There was a cute boy that I sat next too