So what does keep me going? I guess it's those small moments of life that take you aback. Where you think 'wow' and sear your mind and memories forever, whether good or bad. We underestimate and overestimate ourselves far, far too much.

Humans have the strength to keep fighting no matter the odds that are against them and no matter how hard things can be. People like to get themselves lost in other worlds, were gods and goddesses, magic and wonder, angels and demons reside. While it's fascinating in itself, I never got that people who try and substitute that reality for this one. I mean, why? Humans are amazing! We are so fascinating! 7 billion of us, 7 billion people who have different beliefs, opinions, culture, skin colour, height, hair, clothe, family. We're all so vastly different yet all so similar at the same time. We all feel love, hate, strength, courage.

While some of us believe in a God above, I don't know any reason why we should not look straight ahead. God himself may walk in 'mysterious ways', but if we were not perfect in our own right, would not any God lose himself in another world of his own if we were not perfect as we are?

Do not doubt how ridiculously amazing we, you, are. What I think is so amazing is that we have the opportunity to be horrifically evil or absolutely good. We are neither one nor the other. We are both yet neither. We have the choice. We are human.

The Titanic is one of the greatest examples of this. There are people like Mr Bruce Ismay, who left his sinking ship and saved himself; or the three musicians, who were working members on the ship who were largely ignored by the people they played to, yet kept playing until the very end and died heroes.

I guess that is what keeps me going in life. You may have the most 'mundane' life ever, married with 2.5 kids. But we all have moments, seemingly everyday, average, terrifically human moments, that all have the same strength, all certainly have the same potential, that have followed choices by people that have changed the world.

These moments don't make the people or the decisions fundamentally 'bad' or fundamentally 'good', but fundamentally, amazingly, awesomely, uniquely, human.

We are amazing.